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Cup of Creativity (#COC) WRITING CHALLENGE week 1: 07/13/20

Photo taken by Kyle Glenn (Unsplash)

And the category is: humor ( Billy Porter Reference)

Hello:) I’m starting up a writing challenge.

Each week, I will post a prompt. The writer is to use the prompt to write a humorous piece/poem/prose.

By doing so, I hope you feel some good in your week.

The prompt will be posted on Monday @ 5:15 pm, EST.

Please use the hashtag #COC so I’ll see all the entries.

DATE: 07/13/20

This week, write about an adventure of an unlikely pair of friends: a ferret and a porcupine.

Include a silver ancient coin.

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Weekend Writing Prompt: Replace

This is Sammi Cox’s Weekly Weekend Writing Prompt

I’ve seen ten thousand smiles,

I’ve had kisses of every kind.

I’ve laid with men and women,

But I desire your body and mind.

I’ve cuddled in their arms,

Their chest, I rested my head.

But I sync with your heartbeat,

With every beating breath.

I’ve had to rebuild my strength,

From pain I can not erase,

But, with you, I have all

That no one can replace.

With Love & Light,

Nova Namastè

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Selena spent months in therapy, trying to make sense of it all. Discouraged by her slow progress, she decided to revisit where the attack happened.

That Friday, once she finished her mountain of Geometry and Physics, she called her best friend.

“ Melina, I need you to do me a huge favor.” she breathily began. With the brief call, she had the arrangements.

Immediately, her mouth dried to desert level. She felt her heart rate increase; a spine tingling chill lined her spine.

“Can I actually go through with this?” She, hesitantly, questioned herself…

Impeccably, the door bell chimed.

She fainted.


Created for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneer =) You can find this one and so many other exciting prompts by visiting her blog: here=)

If you’re interested in this week’s Fictioneers Challenge , check out all the other submissions by clicking on the frog, below.

This was also created for Light Motifs II, Thursday Inspiration theme: desert.

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Blog Party Details

Hey Hey!!

Who’s excited to party??!!!

Kristian & I are stoked!! We’re beyond ourselves excited because Autumn is a beautiful time of year, and what a better way to fall into the season than with you talented and beautiful people!!

So, the “meeting place” IS WordPress… SPECIFICALLY, A certain post that will be called “Blog Party VIPs”… (which excludes NO ONE)….

This VIP room is password protected! If you think you might have even 5-10 minutes to stop in, PLEASE EMAIL ME for the password!! Write ” Password” in the subject line so I don’t miss it.

The daily countdown is on my actual website:! The posters are also located there:)


Ok!! The daily countdown posts will be starting soon, as well!! 😀