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Motivate Monday

I’ve always loved this poem! It’s an excellent reminder to ourselves when life feels impossible. Personally, I’ve given up trying way too many times in my life. It’s often because I lacked confidence in myself. Other huge reason I quit was the stress that the situation brought on. I’m learning more about ways to work through anxious moments. I’m working on understanding cognitive distortion.

That’ll be a subject for a future post! I’m thankful for this time of learning, growing, and changing. There’s always room to be better.

What about you? Have you learned something exciting lately? Something about history or a recipe? What about a self – discovery? I’d love to hear if you’d like to share.

Until next time 🌟

Nova Namastè

CEO gives car to student who walked 20 miles for his first day at work

This makes my heart so happy 🌟🥰

CEO gives car to student who walked 20 miles for his first day at work

— Read on mypositiveoutlooks.com/ceo-gives-car-to-student-who-walked-20-miles-for-work/

17 Adulting Quotes That Will Have You Saying “It Me”

Haha #4 is so me!!!!!

#commentbelow if you can relate to any of these ☺️😂🌺

How often do you have moments when you don’t want to “adult,” and you “just can’t?” These relatable Instagram quotes about adulting will speak to your soul.
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This Day in History – What Happened Today – HISTORY

Learn what happened today in history around the world including major events on crime, entertainment, and more.
— Read on www.history.com/

So begins road ragged maniacs, in a hurry, to cause air pollution, while miserably operating on those deadlines and time clocks. { Half kidding but there’s truth in that statement}