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Weekend Writing Prompt: Marshal

Hey ya’ll, this weekend repeated challenge is hosted by Ms Sammi Cox. You can find the original post here.

The tragic events of September 11th confused the entire school. Ms Clark, an articulate extrovert, who never struggled with marshaling her thoughts, sat staring. Some students held others, while some eccalated quickly into a mess of panic and hyperventilating. Quickly, word spread as to who’s parents and family/friends were in the towers.. or responding to aid.

{This is a little bit longer than 39 words but I had a complete thought.}

Nova Namastè

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Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt

The rain drenched the forage, for four days and three nights. The ground tried hard to soak it up, as quickly as the rain fell,… but failed miserably. The towering trees sprinkled droplets, as the storm brought in a cooler front. They were lushly leafy maple and buckeye trees. Surrounding the Tribe, patches of steep water threatened to cover passerby’s with mud.

Natalia peaked outside her small intimate teepee, longing to resume her exploration of the area. The wait has been torturous.

—- Nova Namastè Q

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Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt

Every weekend Sammi hosts an exciting and interesting challenge. This week, her prompt is as follows:

Here’s my submission:

It’s an endless whirlwind,

The hateful fights, hurt,


Sleepless nights, dreadful days

Until it’s not: a choice.


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Weekend Writing Prompt: Translation

Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt is Translation😀

Henretta was sitting in the library, hoping not to be noticed. Her big green eyes and sunset colors hair made such nearly impossible.

She sat, diligently scribbling Anthropology Chapter 31 notes; when she was hit with a paper airplane.

It read:

Saçların deniz kenarında bir yaz gecesi gibidir. Gözlerimi senden alamam.

Güneş gibi ateşlisin.


” What on earth?” She thought to herself, ” How am I suppose to read this?”

” It’s Ariabic!” Razia shouted from across the room. ” The translation would say: Your hair is like a summer’s evening by the sea. I can’t take my eyes from you. You are hot like the sun.”

Henretta was embarrassingly hot from his attention.

It never ever fails.