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Veterans’ Day 2021

I placed 13 flags around the memorial stone in a nearby cemetery

This year, Veterans’ Day feels darker. Every life, that’s been a sacrifice for American Freedom, deserves honorable recognition. On this particular day, I give thanks for the 13 souls that were lost in Kubal.

Ironically, they were taken on September 11th. Ironically, there were 13 lives.. Such was the original colonies.. and the number of stripes on the flag.

I can’t help feeling this means something; I’m just not sure what.

🔴Veteran Facts🔴

  • 60% are under the age of 34.
  • Over 48,000 vets are homeless or at risk.
  • 22 veterans commit suicides daily, with 1 occurring roughly every 80 minutes. The number is higher for Special Forces.
  • Significant list of Services & Organizations

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Patriotic Songs:

To the men and women, past, present, and future: Thank you for all your Service and Sacrifices! You are greatly appreciated!

With much love,

Nova Namastè

America, The Beautiful by Sean Brown – Inmate Blogger

Everyday we see the effects of what happens when people refuse to take accountability & to Think for themselves. The fear-inducing rhetoric, hatemongering, & blatant presentation of falsehoods used by the politicians & corporate elitists of today have become the modus operandi rather than just the subliminal bully tactics of the past. When a person…
— Read on inmateblogger.com/2018/11/12/america-the-beautiful-by-sean-brown/comment-page-1/

So well written! His message needs to resonate within all of us!

Happy Veterans Day 🇺🇸❤️💙