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Blurb of My Day

Self Care all day! I decided this morning, today was going to be for me.

I napped super early, so I could sleep as long as I desired. I had adult “toy time” because a release of hormones does wonders for my body. I took extra time to shower & shave.. wash away all my discouragement and depression.

Later, I picked up my daughters; and, we went for a much needed walk!!

It felt AMAZING!!

Somehow, I feel this was a sign of some kind.

5555 & 77

It has to be..

Anyway, I’m thankful for this inspiration to post.. for my wonderful walk made my heart and lungs so happy.. and for my day of self-care.

How was your day?

Much Love & Light-

Nova Namastè

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Happy Tuesday

Written for Comedy-Plus’ Happy Tuesday Challenge🙂

This was an experiment conducted at a school, with a professional teacher. PLEASE do NOT try this at home or otherwhere.

On a personal note, though this probably stung a little, the students surely gave consent. I love when teachers create realistic situations for students to learn concepts.

Have a great day!


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Feliz Martes Amigos y Amigas

Translation: Happy Tuesday my Friends!

I hope today has greeted you with enthusiasm and hope. I hope you’re able to get through the work day with little stress. I hope you see the beauty tucked into your day; and, you feel tons of love for yourself !

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🧡Stay Safe, Speak Life, & Spread Kindness 🧡

With Love & Light

Nova Namastè

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Haiku: Not Lost

You can find all the juicy details by clicking the link below!

Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge which was started by our star writer Christine Ray. We hope to offer all of you something that will spark your creativity and willingness to participate.

Go Dog Go Cafe

Unfamiliar life,

Her peculiar choices,

Uncertain what’s changed.

– Nova Namastè

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My Happy List

Right now, here’s my top 10 things on my happy list:

  • Time with “M”.
  • My daughter’s gained confidence in reading.
  • Conversations with my twinner.
  • My choice to become active in the HeadStart policy board.
  • The vibrant colors of the trees.
  • My clothes are finally clean!
  • Inspiring my readers.
  • My student loans are on the road to recovery.
  • My best friends are the best support team I could have.
  • I have incense that smells amazing!

Season of Thanksgiving 💚

What’s on your list?

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Right or Happy?

Growing up, I remember my mother discovering a quote that she reiterated on to us.

You can be right ;or, you can be happy.

Strangely, she NEVER seemed to be happy.

I’ve carried this life lesson with me, ever since. Right now, I find it impeccably fitting to mention it.

Happiness can’t be found anywhere or in anything that is seen. It can’t be found in anything that is bought, or even sold. Happiness isn’t a place or a destination.

It’s a journey, a life of healthy and self evolutionary choices… it’s being mindful of oneself, and focusing on the energy we individually exert into our universe. It’s respecting, accepting, and embracing the natural order of events. It’s seeking that which is true, challenging, and worthy of you.

Being right in every argument that arises will never make you happy.

I hope that’s not the road you choose.

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Haynes Remote Learning Adventures 09/08/20

Today begins a crazy adventure! I can say I feel better about all of this than I was last night.

Here’s my Zivah on her first zoom, with her teacher and classmates. I love listening to how the teacher instructs her kids. I love how patient and encouraging she is with them.

My younger daughter has a lesson; but, we’ve not started it yet. Her first zoom will be Thursday! I believe I have their calls alternated so I am not two places at once. (Win!)

Until next time,

Sending Love & Light

The Haynes Trio Amigas