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Dropping Through

Good Morning, how are you doing? How was your weekend?

I am going through a transition. It’s something how suddenly these creep up isn’t it? I know these in between periods are super uncomfortable. Personally, this particular case has me deep in “finding my purpose” type feels. EXHAUSTING!!! These feels are valid and real though. They’re mine and I recognize this is my truth right now.

Sure they’re necessary. Sure I’ll ride the waves and land in a warm place where I feel comfortable and safe. I always do.

Anyway, I just wanted to stop in and say hello.

Until next time,

Stay safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè

Break Open & See

I wish I could break open my heart, mind, and imagination!

It’s a beautiful, vibrant, and chaotic place.

Some moments, it’s raining to wash away my frustration.

Sometimes, it’s quiet and subtle. I’m meditating.

Other times, I am running through a wide open field… Blossoming flowers all around me … Like the scene in “The Sound of Music”.

You’d find me, on my knees… watching bees save the human race…

You’d find me crying because he was just jumped in a parking lot.

You’d taste the sweetest kisses I get from loved ones!

Moments of rage would creep in, words of injustice and demands of change would flow into my blog.

You’d see the beauty in ALL people… You’d feel that love you have for the underdog.

Moments of uncontrollable grief,…. Because trees are being cut, animals are being ran out of their homes, this earth is dying!

You’d notice my heart for children! You’d see right to my core… How much I want to hold them… Save them from childhood trama. How much I want to work with them until they KNOW how precious and special they are!

And even then, you wouldn’t know all of me! Nope, that’s just the beginning!

If you’d step in for a moment, you’d see me crying out of nowhere….. For my spirit feels that of others!

You’d see me worship my God because He’s blessed me time and time and time again!

There’d be moments when, I’d be intimate in my mind. I’m confident in my belief that self pressure fills my body with hormones I need!

You’d see my imperfect nature frustrated with other drivers, or my kids in a store. You’d hear myself reminding me the value of patience.

You’d see my depth. You’d see my truths. You’d know my secrets.

That door isn’t opened. It won’t ever open in such a way…

But, if you are willing… Time will give you glimpses into my world…

And, you might just stay.

Until Later,

Here’s to our 2021!

Your’s Truly:

Nova Namastè

#NDRW- #19

Today’s Random Word: TRANSPARENCY

Please tag each post #NDRW

Concept: To write everything and anything that comes to mind about the Daily Random Word.

It can be incomplete thoughts listed, a short story, a personal story, personal reflection, memories, whatever you want it to be. The idea is to get everything out. Once you’ve done that, you can return to these posts and use the ideas in your writing.

Have fun