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A new year signifies a new beginning. So many of us quit our New Years Resolutions before the end of January. Why is that? More importantly, how can we prevent it from happening?

Here’s a brief list of my suggestions:

  1. Find an accountability partner. This person will keep check on you, and help you stay on track.
  2. Decide to accomplish the goal. When you make the actual decision, there’s no longer time for leniency.
  3. Make a timeline of tangible steps. When you break a task down, it can appear much less overwhelming.
  4. Do it despite your fear. Most new things are uncomfortable and scary. As a species, we immediately begin doubting ourselves with all the what-ifs. Let’s try to replace that with “Let’s see how far I can get!” That’ll encourage us to try again.
  5. Celebrate every step! You working hard on something is worth celebrating. Even if no one else does with you, or even knows, take a minute to be your own cheerleader. You deserve it.

I would like to close with this writing I published just this morning.

Have a great Wednesday and stay Safe!
With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè