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Wordless Wednesday: LOOKING

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Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness 🌺

Seize Every Opportunity to Fulfill Your Legacy 🌼

💜 Nova


Together Is Home

At the end of the day, it’s you: my person. The one who speaks indescribable words, simply by looking in my eyes… or giving me a kiss. What I say, you hear.. and what you don’t say… you don’t need too. I hear it without it spoken.

We work perfectly together. Our combined talent and knowledge, our hearts for this country.. We complement one another in our strengths and weaknesses.

At the end of the day, my person.. my place that feels like home.

My favorite love story.

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness.

With Love & Light

Nova Namastè

Disclaimer: This Is Us Spoiler

IF you have’t caught up on This Is US yet, you don’t want to see this! IF you’ve never seen this tv show, This is Exactly why you should. I didn’t think I could possibly love this show anymore.. BUT I do…

It’s authentic and real. The characters are human, with messy lives and pain… mistakes and successes. This season began with brief insight into past chapters and introductions into new ones. I can’t wait to see what happens to Jack and Rebecca and their beautiful growing family.

That Voice!!!

Morning Short Story ☕️

” I think this hospital is trying to kill me!” Zelda whispered to Rhemy.

” What nonsense. They’re trying to keep you alive. What makes you say that?” Rhemy responded with confusion in her tone.

Zelda pointed to the coffee cup sitting on the tray, ” That coffee tastes like mud in a cup!”

” Zelda!! Don’t be drama…” Rhemy began as she raised the cup to her mouth for a sip.

” Oh my mother goose of Neverland, this is horrendous!!! ” she added, after projecting the mouthful across the room.

dragon drinking coffee

How is everyone this morning? Afternoon and Evening, depending on where you are? Did you enjoy my little short story introduction? Hahaha Coffee is just essential. It never ever should be anything but a top notch expierence.

Here’s a funny story, this morning, I was eagerly anticipating a great deal find on a blender, while searching Facebook marketplace 😂😂😂 A BLENDER!! When did I get old where kitchen appliances replaced actual fun stuff? Haha. This blender would make one badass iced coffee though, and everything about that is perfect!

So there’s that.

Who’s having coffee?


Show & Tell

Formulated for Rachel Poli’s Time to Write Picture Prompt 😀 You can read more by clicking the hyperlink 🙂

{ Younger Brandy presenting Linux to her Kindergarten friends}

This is Linux. Today, I brought him in for Show & Tell at school. Ms. Brandy said I could bring him. My mom wasn’t happy about it; but she finally said yes. Linux has been my friend for all my life. When I was born, he would listen to music with me in the nursery. I don’t remember that, but it’s what my mom told me. She bought him from the Pets Plus shop down the road from us. I love going there. I love seeing all the animals and the owners. It kinda makes me sad, too. I always want to bring all the animals home so they have a home. My mom always laughs and says,

” You can when you win the lottery; otherwise you’ll need a really good paying job. ”

I don’t even know what that is, but I know one day I’ll have lots of money to buy all the animals.

Ok, that’s it.

For the record, this is complete fiction 🙂

Buttercup’s Spaghetti

  • Rollie Laffitte married his wife in 2005, having just met her a year before. He knew immediately this was the woman for him. Their chemistry flowed so naturally, and she “got” him. For Rollie, that was a new experience.
  • “Whoopsidaisies!” He murmured, as he attempted to throw a paper ball into the trash. She laughed; his throw was the worst she’s ever seen. She, however, was conscientious to make sure he didn’t hear her. No man needs an ego blow.
  • They honeymooned for two weeks in the gorgeous Lake Como, Italy. His father’s side of the family was Italian. Rollie’s dad, Martino Saviano, was full blooded Italian. Martino grew up in the heart of Florence.

    Florence at night. Photo credit linked.

    While in Italy, Rollie bought her a wooden stake souvenir, for their garden at home. She grew up in a family who owned a flower business. Her mother and father could name every category and individual type of flower. Rollie quickly gained admiration of her deep passion.

    Six months post honeymoon. She was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. As a penniless writer, Rollie did the very best he could to provide for his dying wife. He had little help from his colleague, who owned the local newspaper. Once in a while, he’d receive a request for an article for a magazine. None of it scratched a dent in the bills that added up. The only thing Rollie could think about, however, was spending as much time as possible with his love.

    She withered away quickly, but not without prolonged tormented pain and suffering. Unfortunately, since, he’s struggled greatly: physically, financially, mentally, and spiritually. Life for him has become dark and empty.

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    Have fun

    #FOWC: Catch-Up

    Picture Credit: Pinterest

    Viola Royal enjoys every second of her job. The emporium is a fascinating place, divided into spaces for advanced science and engineering displays. The upper floor is designated reading material and manuscripts to guide astrology students. She has always used the stars to rid her soul of negative energy. One evening, shortly after the last of the visitors left, Viola sat at the top of the spiral staircase.

    The porium tabbies were close by, clawing books, climbing bookcases, and rolling around playing with one another. Thankfully there’s nothing of real danger to them here. When she was hired, there were five four-legged friends that kept visitors company. As of last week, that number had climbed to over a dozen. As adorable as they are, Viola can’t seem to figure from where they come.

    Neighborhood individuals must stop by, determined not to disrupt anyone, dumps them and vanishes, without a trace. Thankfully, she truly enjoys each one. She doesn’t have pets at home. She’s not married, and she hasn’t a mother. She also doesn’t have anyone else who needs her. It’s actually welcoming to have something begging for her affection. The adorable faces, little sniffles and sneezes, the snuggles and purrs are heartwarming on the coldest of days. Each little blessing tears at her heart, but it seems that represses with each leg rub and lap visit.

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    #FF: Hiding

    Photo Credit Link Attached

    The SugarRush Mini Mall was perfect. Church had recently ended, and the area was packed. Christopher hated crowds; but, today was different. Here he could easily hide, then run from the cops!

    Under poor conditions last night, he decided to go egg Mr. Folger’s house.

    Being young means being stupid sometimes.” he justified to himself. With that, he gathered his supplies and staggered four houses down the street. His buddy, Jason, eagerly joined in the fun.

    The cops were called due to noise disturbance from the party. Just as the flashing red and blue lights turned onto Maple St, the boys didn’t hesitate to run.

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