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My Country’s History

Those who remain complacent are ignorant to the truth. That’s a choice, his and her choice… But, it doesn’t make facts any less the truth. This country was utalized by Native Americans. They were the first to settle here. Over time, other exploreres brought diseases and weapons to this land. Through false promises and lies, Native Americans were relocated to reservations, where they were given less than promised.

This country was built on lies… Built from the backs of slaves, stolen from families and sold… as if they had no merit… then, expected to comply with every demand, command, and ultimatum. Once the genocide of the Native Americans, the European continued to establish a system that PRIMARILY benefited the Caucasian, straight, & rich.

I am blessed to know the truth about this country. I won’t, and quite frankly can’t, ignore what REALLY happened… just to be “ comfortable”… when there are lives that STILL DON’T… still don’t matter.

The 13th amendment abolished slavery. That abolishment was when every member of the police force, the government, every law enforcement official was given the responsibility to serve and protect EVERY Life. It was then that every life was said to matter… No one individual, who serves any community, has the authority to “ pick and choose” who’s life is worthy of protection. No one individual, who serves any community, has the authority to “pick and choose” who they will represent.

An employee of FedEx was practically hit, then called a Nigger and spit on recently…

His name is Brandon Brackins….



Check out ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING… the Christopher Columbus and America episodes.

Taken from the free library.