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Physical & Emotional Pain Connection PT 1

This year, I want to focus on some specific topics in Psychology, Self Awareness, and Mindfulness.

This first series is about the direct connection between physical pain and emotional stress. As a child, I never considered this idea. I had no exposure to it or means to study it. As I’ve grown up, and moreso now than ever, it’s truth holds a formal place in my every day life.

What does all of this mean, then? Our emotions have a direct impact on our bodies. This is officially called psychogenic pain.

Below are two images I’ve found on Pinterest. I’m researching the actual source.

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My Mental Health Journey #23

Dear Brandy,

I’m proud of you! You don’t hear that enough; even from me. Please always remember that; no matter how often you hear it, it’s the truth!!

Particularly, I’m proud of you for growing in the aspect of acceptance. Whether you are solidifying boundaries or maturing in what was once insecurities, your chances are so beautiful.

I know you’ve heard many harsh things in your life. I know they’ve cut deep into your inner child. I’m so proud of you for learning the truths as they are. I’m proud of you for choosing to live in their light.

What’s easy isn’t always right, what’s right isn’t always easy.. But it’s completely worth it.

Keep thriving, striving, and contriving towards a better you.

Much love,

Nova Namastè