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Here’s What to Expect

I’m so excited to have made it to day #365 of 2021!

I’ve been blessed, beyond imagine & comprehension.

As the day falls into evening, here in the Eastern Standard Time of United States, I want to share what’s to come for ” Know Your Worth; Own Your Life “. These are a few options you might see on certain days.

Sundays: One-Word-Sunday, Sunday Stills Monthly Color Challenge, Song Lyric Sunday,

Mondays: Money Mondays, Aawww Mondays

Tuesdays: Professional information about Mental Health, Psychology, exc.

Wednesdays: Wednesday’s Wisdom, Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge,

Thursdays: Throwback Thursday, Rewind Thursday, Eugi’s Weekly Prompt,

Fridays: #FridayImInLove, Friday Fictioneers, Feel Good Friday. First Line Fridays, Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt

Saturdays: Affirmation Goals, Six Word Saturday,

As of four days ago, my goal was to consistently blog, every day. I wanted to make sure I got better with repeating challenges.

I heard from my daughters’ school; they’re returning to remote learning once school resumes next Tuesday. I’m not sure how or if I’ll be able to blog as much as anticipated; but, I’m going to do my best.

With Love and Light,