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Word of the Day: Overdue

Dearest Darling,

I begin this letter wishing I had written sooner. There’s so much chaos around me; but, this correspondence is well overdue.

Last week, the captives escaped the torture camps. The guardsmen had fallen asleep. When officials arrived, the scene was of pools of blood and lives taken. It was the scariest thing, John.

In the days that followed, members of the Official Military bombarded and completely destroyed homes. Dozens upon dozens of families were scrutinized and threatened. I feared I’d be, mistakenly, shackled and drug away, like those other hopeless souls. It’s simply barbaric what is happening here, Love.

Oh, Dear, there’s a knock at the door. I shall wire again very soon…..

That’s it?” Henrietta gasped in great distress.

That’s all of it.” Fredrick quietly responded. He was sure this wasn’t the end of it for Etta.

She was his best friend, since year one in Primary School. The cubbies had been assigned in alphabetical order. He was Brinkly. She was Brodman. They sat beside one another in class. They played together outside.

Even in Secondary School, and High School the two of them were inseparable. Thick as thieves, their friendship defied all that could have destroyed it.

“Are there any other letters. Here, let me see.” She continued, snapping his attention back to the moment.

“ For real! No more? I can’t handle this. It appears we have work to do, then.” She finished while turning to face him.

He laughed. Not a normal, this isn’t really funny, but it is kind of laugh. No, he had the loud and boisterous affect to it.

“Girl, you’re crazy if you think I’m spending my vacation chasing down some love story as old as time” Fredrick snapped.

“Ok then, you’re walking home.” She snarled teasingly, of course.

“I have work to do” she added and headed downstairs.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Nova Namastè