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Her Sacred Place

Quickly, she tired from the negativity, fighting, political facades, and social media misconstrued reports. The constant noise was becoming too much. Slowly, over the course of two months, it greatly affected her overall wellbeing.

She struggled to smile amongst everyday people, in the subway station… in the cafe. She struggled to step outside… though she couldn’t avoid responsibilities any longer. She wasn’t enjoying her writing, but rather, attempted it, due to a heavy sense of guilt. She sipped on coffee all day long, barely forcing down anything nutritious. Most nights, she would crawl into bed, desperate for sleep but frustratingly unable to slow her mind.

One day, she felt her chest begin to tighten. Her eyes began to create circles of fuzzy blur…while her palms grew sweaty. Her upper body was heavy weight; her legs weak and unstable.

Upon the completion of a trip to her Primary Care Physician, she stopped at her local grocery. She knew what she needed to do; she knew she needed it more than ever.

With a few boxes of cereal, jars of peanut butter, loaf of bread, gallons of milk, and other essentials, she drove to her sacred place. She always preferred distance between herself, and the nearest neighbors. Up from the ground was the best solution.

Roughly, six years ago, before her husband committed suicide, he built her this extravagant tree house. The lower level was a simple open floorplan, with a small 4×4 foot brick section, for cooking. In the upper floor, there was a bedroom and tiny bathroom with shower.

Here, she escaped her reality, and welcomed the world that fed her soul. She rose before sunrise, blessed with a window in the Northern wall of her bedroom. The colors are breathtaking; the songs of birds pleased her senses.

Midday was filled with treats to squirrels, impatiently peaking through the door. Chipmunks frequently visited, too. They felt her gentle spirit, coupled with trusting her consistency. She had closer bonds with her animals than most humans.

This was her sanctuary. Her place filled with all the things she loved. Her life was stressful; but, the world’s madness occasionally intensifies it. She’s grateful that her special retreat melts away all that doesn’t serve her.

This was written, in part, for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: Neighbors