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Blogmas Day 20πŸŽ„β›ͺπŸŽ„

When the festive spirit arrives, one needs to deck the halls, trim the tree, bake until the sun rises!!! The super cute practice of self care that instantly reminds you of the wonderfully Winter holiday… is nail pampering? Haha Oh what fun it is to..

Do Your Nails πŸ™‚ πŸ’…

5 Fantabulous Amazon Stores for Christmas nail supplies

1. These are super pretty decal stickers for the holiday! I bought them with this nail polish set! Can’t wait to get them. My daughters and I are going to have so much fun. I chose these stickers because the gold is stunning on the colors.

2. The Tailamei Store on Amazon has these awesome nail wraps available! 😍😍. Check out the Autumn wrap set! OMGπŸƒ I love they’re so rich in color.

3. These are a bit different. The blue and sparkle is a stunning combination. Check them out on the EBANKU store via Amazon.

4. These 3D nail art sequins stickers are fantastic!!! I wish I ordered these, for real! The 1.9 by 5.31 in container has 12 different patterns and color choices! Check them out at the Kalolary Store on Amazon. [They’re correctly 20% off too]

5. At the Whaline Store, you will find this 20 sheet pack of 3D stickers! The assortment is most impressive. There’s something for everyone’s taste. They’re an Amazon Prime item!

πŸ’šπŸ’š Check out the benefits of the membership while there! This is worth every cent!

Check out Megan’s Creations!

Have a wonderful day!

Love & Light,

Nova Namastè