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Special Post About Moms, By Moms

Feel free to add your scenarios in the comments🤣☺️ The funnier the better 😁😁

Here’s my list of ” You know you’re a mom when…”

    You hear any person yell for mom in the store, and you look for the mom.
    You know when it’s 5pm, because that’s wine time.
    You get six hours of sleep and feel solid.
    Bedtime goes from 2am to 8:30 pm, the night before.

Messy home is a home of ❤️

Please forgive the messy conditions of my home. The holidays recovery has only just begun! You may find a remote sitting in my refrigerator, an apple under a bed. You might step in something sticky and witness an unfortunate spill. The pieces to the ice cream cart will be scattered throughout the apartment, and kids will be screaming at one another. The floor will be an obstacles course and the kids might come running through the room. It’s the way it is; it’s the life of a mom. I’ve so much gratitude for the best reason anything should look imperfect.

In my defense 😂

Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge: forgive

Written for Word of the Day Challenge: gratitude

Written for Your Daily Word Prompt: recovery

Fabulously Female

She was strong enough to lift other women up.

She was kind enough to help other women in need.

She was brave enough to defend other defenseless women.

She was humble enough to appreciate elderly woman.

She was patient enough to guide younger women.

She was pleasant enough to teach trouble women.

She was mature enough to listen to in-prisoned women.

She was inspired enough to follow historical women.

She was dedicated enough to work with business women.

She was Fierce … Fabulous & Fearless…

She is a Female!

Written in honor of all women who have ever been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. Whether the best has been laid to rest or continues to get strong every day, this is for you. You’re never alone 💕 PINKTOBER!!💕

Top 10

Reasons I Love My Daughter in School :

  • She makes new friends.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the importance of friendships. I truly wish I realized this, that my parents nurtured this idea when I was my daughter’s age.

  • I see other parents.

Suddenly I don’t feel so alone in the ” sometimes” struggles that feel like suffocation.

  • I hear others parenting.

This morning, I walked past an older woman of whom I’ve spoken to before. She had a small child with her, and she was instructing, “You always let the girls to first.” Way to go ma’am. That’s chivelry this world’s forgotten. Continue reading Top 10

Striking Out

So, here’s my goal list: {for this week}

🔘 Not texting a particular person

🔘 Practice more Patience with my girls

🔘 Read 10 mins a night, to them.

You ever have one of those weeks when life gets in your way of your goals? Yep, that’s me. It’s Tuesday evening, and Ive accomplished NONE of this yet:/ Oh, and to top off the list, Im 99% convinced my 2.5 year old has set free one of our pet 🐢:(!!! GUUUHHH!!!!! It’s so frustrating when weeks start like this; but, I can’t do anything about it. Bluh… Maybe my focus will join me at some point this week and I’ll actually accomplish something. Here’s hoping anyway~

Day 14: Mommy Needs a Time Out

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Good Morning:D It’s a grey and bleek Thursday morning here in my part of Ohio. I believe rain is to visit, periodically, this morning. While I had plans to invest some quality time into blogging, my daughters needed entertainment.

I knew there was plenty for them to do. Something about mommy pulling out toys with a few added words sparks their imagination much more quickly.

Growing up, I had 3 sisters and 4 brothers. I hated sharing toys. I hated when my mom would get impatient and tell us to go play. Now, I get it! Sometimes, every momma needs personal space. Sometimes, she just needs a 5 minuet time out.. to herself… So she can recollect and feel some sense of control in her life.

While I’m working on my thing, taking a little time for me, here’s a peak into the world of Zivah & Calandra 😀

But first….. #coffee


Anyone who knows me even on a bypassing moment level, knows I am only #human when I’m #drinkingcoffee. It’s my greatest #passion. I enjoy #coffee so much, that I have a #KeurigSingleCup maker and a #BlackandDeckerDripMaker.

In addition to my multiple cups of morning sanity, my routine consists of posting on social media. That’s pretty normal, right? Most of us get up, get the #caffeineIVdrip ready, hit up the loo, then #sitandsip, while we post? Haha! What world do I live in, I know! I’m blessed to have such opportunities.

Coffee and instagram are just a few of my favorite things =)! If this is you too, this article will be a welcoming cup of #happiness, boosts in profile hashtags, views, and quite possibly followers.

Have Fun!

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Finding exactly the product that makes life alittle easier feels like winning the lottery sometimes! Here are several that may feel just like that:)

Letter to My Momma💗

Dear Momma:

Happy Mother’s Day Darling! It’s so incomprehensible that I am older than you were when you passed away. It’s not fair. I’ve needed you dozens upon dozens of time over the last five years… But, life isn’t fair.

Though you’re not here, I feel you live through me. I am your only daughter with children of her own. Zivah was born 5 years ago, and she’s named after you. Calandra was born 2 years ago, and she’s compassionate beyond a normal person.

Many times I question if I’m doing this Mothering right. I question if I’m too strict. I question if I’m too Lenient. I worry every second that I’m not allowing them to simply be children. Am I robbing them of their childhood? All these questions answered, the reassurance that I’m doing a good job, a tight hug simply because that mends all wounds would surely feel incredible.

I’m sorry you’re not here momma. I’m sorry that someone wasn’t paying attention and hit you. I’m sorry if you felt any pain… or if you feared dying. I’m sorry if you felt alone and lonely… I know you often felt similar feelings with 5 young kids.

Momma, I wish I could squeeze you and tell you thank you. Thank you for trying. Thank you for not aborting my siblings or me. Thank you for loving me enough to give me up. Thank you for giving me a unique spelling of my name, and for doing the same to my siblings. I’d say Thank you for doing the very best you could with what you had, where you were.

I would look at you and say I know you wanted to give up. I know you wanted to escape to the bathroom and just sob, because I’ve felt just that. I would tell you I love you so much because mothering two little kids is a challenge, I can’t begin to imagine five hungry babies with wet diapers. You are my hero.

This Mother’s Day, I want you to know that I admire, love, and am so proud of you momma. Despite every challenge you faced, you kept going… and despite your decision to move to VA, and what your intentions were, you believed we children deserved more.

Momma, you understood sacrifice… and that’s what motherhood is all about. Please watch over my sanity momma, I tend to lose it once in a while. Please watch over my babies, your gorgeous granddaughters, I ache for them to know you. I love you endlessly momma, and you are my hero always!


Your Beloved Daughter