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Oh Gosh Lordy Lordy

Hello Followers:

I love my kids!! Yep, I do!


My kid NEEDS to be back in the classroom, learning!!!

She isn’t focused on, or attentive to class most of the time!!

I bet I say “Pay attention to class.” Or “Zivah, pay attention to school!” Or “If you don’t start paying attention to class, you and I are going to have a problem.” At least 5 times a class period…


I’m done! So done!

Ok! Thanks for hearing me out!


52nd Day of 365 Thanks Giving

Today I’m giving thanks for this beautiful young lady! It was she, 8 years ago, who made me a mom!

Born at 7:07, Miss Zivah came into this world:)

For the longest time, 6.5 years, she’s been my sidekick! We were each other’s right hand man for a solid year. I didn’t know I could manage being a single mom; but, she’s been awesome!!

I’m so thankful for her and our journey together!

Until next time,

Stay Safe, Speak Life, Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè

I was there

Every shirt, towel, PJ set, and matched pair of socks

Every clean dish, cooked meal, grocery run, bathroom cleaning….

Every puke clean up, diaper change, spill clean up, bed change…

Every brush teeth reminder and trip to the dentist,

Every small victory celebrated, homework completed

Every drink refill, cut up apple, push on the swing,

Every pair of shoes on then off to be put on again,

Every cry soothed, every tear hugged away, every goodnight kiss…

Every morning trip to school, every stern declaration

Every tea party, and sing the ABCs, every Birthday, Christmas, every lost tooth and Easter egg Hunt…

Every milestone, every laugh, every bruised bump and tummy ache,

Every bite of ice cream and piece of art work, every time you needed guidance

Every signed permission slip, every vaccine shot, WIC appointment, and PT Conversation

Every book you heard, every lesson you learned, every tickle and every smile

Every step down the stairs, and every bite of solid food

Every squirrel that you saw and every plane you saw,

Every bird you watched, and chipmunk you chased

Every leaf you collected and every flower you picked.

Every moment, I was there. It’s been me, and though I doubt I did enough…

I’ve done the very best I could.

Because I am your mommy

And I love you, with my whole being.

Letting Her Grow

Formulated for The Sunday Photo Fiction 😀 You can read about it HERE.
Photo Credit: C.E. Ayr

Robin was a single mom to three grown young ladies. When her youngest was just 18 months, the girls’ father ran off with some sleezy French chunky chic. He met her at one of the an doctors conventions in New Zealand.

Though, without a doubt, the task of parenting these girls alone was tough, the priceless moments made everything worth while.

Today, Jasmine, the 18 year old ambitious spring flower, was taking the train to upstate NY for school. She’s a beginning freshman, and she is beyond ready to begin this adventure.

” Ok, you ready?” Robin asked her precious babe.

” As ready as I’m going to be!” Jasmine declared.

” Please be careful. As soon as you step off the train, please call me.”

” Of course, I know how you worry. Try and relax mommy, everything is going to be fine. We’ll Facetime later this evening, ok? Jasmine continued.

” Alright. I love you Sweetheart!” Robin finally added.

” I love you most!” Jasmine replied, embracing her mom for a tight hug.

They’ve always been close. Robin felt so grateful in that moment.

(200 words)

Messy home is a home of ❤️

Please forgive the messy conditions of my home. The holidays recovery has only just begun! You may find a remote sitting in my refrigerator, an apple under a bed. You might step in something sticky and witness an unfortunate spill. The pieces to the ice cream cart will be scattered throughout the apartment, and kids will be screaming at one another. The floor will be an obstacles course and the kids might come running through the room. It’s the way it is; it’s the life of a mom. I’ve so much gratitude for the best reason anything should look imperfect.

In my defense 😂

Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge: forgive

Written for Word of the Day Challenge: gratitude

Written for Your Daily Word Prompt: recovery

Adventures of this Momma

Making Christmas Ornaments🎄

3/4 cup of water

1 cup of baking soda

1/2 cup of cornstarch

Warm over medium heat until it starts to thicken and looks like mashed potatoes.

Remove from heat and let cool.

Use rolling pin to roll out. The instructions said about 1/4 in thick but I didn’t bother to measure.

You can add design then paint later or design as you go.

Bake for an hour on 175 degrees. Turn over at roughly 30 mins.

Not Feelin Guilty

Chores really wasn’t something I’ve thought about since having my first daughter. Yes of course they NEED to learn responsibility. Yes of course I had them by 8 yrs old. I just haven’t ever thought about it, because, I’ve been too busy making sure my little humans stayed alive and fed, safe and clean.

As often as I do, my sink is loaded with repeatedly “soaked” dishes. I load up the sink, put the soap in while the waters running, and then turn the water off and walk away.

Rather than standing there and doing the final step myself, I’m making my girls do it. This was the most they’ve gotten along this morning.


Adventures of a Single Mom 5

When you’re a mom of two girls, you have a TON of laundry. When you don’t have your own washer and dryer, your laundry overtakes your home… Until the neighbors call the cops because you’re screaming to be rescued. Haha, that’s how it feels anyway.

This warm and comfortable December morning, Zivah and I are Hallelujahin at the laundromat with our 8-10 small loads of laundry. We’re at my favorite location to do this nuisance of a job, where I’ve yet to encounter stares of utter disbelief. Single mom life is tough fokes, no one can debate that.

After the blood, sweat, and tears… As with all challenges, the end goal makes the effort worth it….. AMAZING SMELLY LAUNDRY…. (AAAHHHHH CHURCH CHIOR SOUND)! SURE it’s all over my house and my girly jump in it like piles of leaves. Sure I’m then out of dryer sheets because my daughter uses 35 pre-load… But, the refreshing feel of clean sheets… And that feeling of a shower then drying of with a fresh towel & putting on a cleaned set of clothes. That’s heaven on earth, for me!! It’s one of my favorite feelings in the entire world.

Here’s a couple pics lol.

Adventures of a Single Mom 2

When you’re a single momma, and your baby’s sick, it’s off to the doctors. This morning, the lake affect snow and temperatures have settled over Cleveland.

Zivah brought home a head cold (I think!). I got it next, along with some absurd and annoying eye irritation. For three days, I’ve looked like someone punched me in the face. I have to say, of all physical illnesses I’ve had… an itchy eye has been the worst. Is the eye the most sensitive organ of the human body? It sure feels as such for me.

I’d love to be able to call my sister up and say “Hey, can you take Zivah to school for me?”… but, this momma doesn’t have that luxury. I do what I can with as little complaints as possible.

Here’s to us single parents 🥂

Fabulously Female

She was strong enough to lift other women up.

She was kind enough to help other women in need.

She was brave enough to defend other defenseless women.

She was humble enough to appreciate elderly woman.

She was patient enough to guide younger women.

She was pleasant enough to teach trouble women.

She was mature enough to listen to in-prisoned women.

She was inspired enough to follow historical women.

She was dedicated enough to work with business women.

She was Fierce … Fabulous & Fearless…

She is a Female!

Written in honor of all women who have ever been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. Whether the best has been laid to rest or continues to get strong every day, this is for you. You’re never alone 💕 PINKTOBER!!💕

7 Survival Tips for Highly Sensitive Moms

7 Survival Tips for Highly Sensitive Moms
— Read on piganddac.com/7-survival-tips-for-highly-sensitive-moms/

What’s Highly Sensitive? It’s a state of living in which all scenes are over stimulated. Lights appear as if they’re prepared for a Friday night football game. Sounds are as if projected through a surround sound… On it’s highest sound level.

People who are sensitive make up roughly 10-20% of the population… And some of you MAY acknowledge yourself to be HSP.

A few years ago, actually 8 to be exact, I discovered this about myself. It was life changing. I’ve grown in love for myself and prioritize my self care now.


If you’re we easily overwhelmed and hate big crowds, if you can relate to overhead lights feeling like unnecessary headaches, this article may be so helpful to you.

Moonchild Nova🎃