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Motivate Monday

Good morning 🌅 Monday, we meet again!

This is who sees the first sunrise of any day. They’re 16 hours ahead of me.

It’s a new 24 hours.. Typically, I would say .. “ the start of a new week”. Though the idea has potential, I realize some of us won’t see the finished result.

Keeping mortality in mind, I hope we do our best to intentionally “BE”. Listening to everything & everyone around us. Savoring every bite of lunch, on break.. Noticeing the feel of freshly washed clothes or weightless bubbles touching our skin.. I want us to embrace every aspect of life, through the gifts we’ve been given.

I hope we choose to live in our present moment.. rather than, undertaking the task of deciding our fate. We need not squander time attempting to control uncertainty.

Right now is life’s best moment. We have the opportunity to cultivate a habit of productivity. Today, I encourage you to put forth your best effort toward your goals, health, and wellbeing.

I hope we remember slow and steady is a perfect pace.. that all things develope. The process provides adequate timing for each section to form and solidify, resulting in a solid foundation.

Right now, as you are.. breathe deep, then exhale all the toxicity from your heart, mind, and soul. Fill that space with hope.. with patience.. and grace.


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Happy Monday Everyone 💕💕💕!!!

Love & Light,

Nova Namastè

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Fan Of… #144

Good morning you talented and inspiring writers🌸 I’m here for another “Fan of…” challenge! You can find Jez’ host post here 🙂

Today, I want to share I am a HUGE fan of

Ms. Princess Diana 💎

I remember watching her funeral on TV and sobbing!! She had a spirit larger than what this world understood! Her charm, beauty, and trickster nature were a sweet combination.

I’ll always admire her!

What about you? What are you a fan of?

Join the challenge and let us know 🙂

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness 🍃

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Happy Monday

[Nova in her thoughts: ” Oh, hhmmmm. Such as the IRS. Yeah! Nope not gonna do it. I’m not starting this week in a negative mindspace”

It’s finally here!!!! Yay!

Photo Credit Free Library

These are my favorite! They’re all over Cleveland. They eat peanuts!

Photo Credit Free Library

Start the week with a positive attitude and heart of gratitude.

With Love and Light

Nova Namastè

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My Goals 4 the Week

  • No carbohydrates but once a day.
  • Eat five servings of Veggies in five days.
  • Cardio/Yoga with the kids 3 days.
  • Fold half the laundry.
  • Visit pumpkin patch with the girls.
  • Blog at least once a day.
  • Demonstrate more patience with the kids.
  • Do a few school activities with Calandra.
  • Stay hydrated and healthy!

What are yours? Do you have a support system that encourages you to accomplish your goals? I hope so!

I believe in you! I have faith in your ability! I know you can and will finish something difficult.

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It’s Monday [again!]

It’s it such a gift to experience new? Sometimes, yes.

With the start of this new week, maybe consider some of the following:

What goals have you planned for the week?

If you haven’t any, why not write a few and set your mind to accomplish them?

What habit can you start today that will enhance the quality of your life?

What ritual of self care should you implement when you’re at your most stressed level?

Mondays mark a truly great moment in our week… An untraveled road full of potential and possibly.

Have a stupendous Monday!!

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Good Monday to You<3

We’re here again, facing another Monday~ Let’s make the most of it, shall we? For me, it’s a delicious cup of Seattle’s Best coffee with Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavored creamer (similar to International Delight’s Cinnabon ).

Later, while knowing I’m determined to kick some of my fat’s ass, I’ll have this glorious mouthwatering concoction. In addition to eating healthier ( literally dropped take out, most sugar { other than coffee}, carbohydrates, and pop!!), I’m going to begin taking Turmeric Curcumin. I’m eager to see how it impacts my overall health. Many great reviews, so we’ll see:D

I am, also, beginning a new month of my ” Step UP. Step OUT” healthy journey.

This is a new goal, new challenge. Little by little, adding more time or more distance, I’m creating a healthier me! No more do I feel like a super sized McDouble with a large fry~

So here’s to another remote learning, getting to and from where I need to go, putting in the exercise and going to bed feeling like wonder woman!~ I hope you’re able to find laughter in the times that could easily overwhelm you!~ It’s such good medicine for the soul~

Here’s your Morning Cup of Coffee:

And some music to get you started!~