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55th – 64th Days of 365 Thanks Giving

For the next few posts, I’m going to list ten items per post {for the sake of time and number amount}.

💕Today I’m giving thanks for the following:

  1. The individuals who make makeup tutorials.
  2. Toothbrushes
  3. Healthy snacks
  4. My college education
  5. Rocking chairs
  6. Porch swings
  7. Crickets
  8. Public transportation
  9. Deodorant
  10. Hummingbirds

This journey has allowed me to diligently stop my body, and think about the value of everything. It’s allowed me time to reminisce on wonderful memories, extraordinary moments, and reasons to be happy.

What about you? What are you thankful for today? What happened that felt good? What made you smile?

Until next time,

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè

Taken from Free Library

More Di-Cin’s

Format for Didactic Cinquain:

Line 1 = one single word = NOUN
Line 2 = two words that describe that noun = ADJECTIVES
Line 3 = three words that express action and end in -ing = VERBS
Line 4 = a four-word phrase about the way the noun makes you feel = PHRASE
Line 5 = a synonym of the initial noun = NOUN



Sexual, Sensual.

Dancing, singing, relieving

Up on the floor




Hungry, Sad.

Smiling, Crying, Searching

Turn on the heat




Yesterday, I had the honor and priceless privilege to be a guest on BottomlessCoffee007‘s podcast.

In conversation, he asked me, ” Why did you choose the word safe instead of beneficial?” when I was defining the point of “good/healthy mental health.”

At the time, I knew it was the necessary word… But, it even puzzled me as to why. I spent the night thinking about it. As I do with every encounter to my life, I discect and analyze it until my understanding has been satisfied.

Safety is apart of the intent in which laws are created, enforced, and adjusted. Safety is apart of the intent when troops travel to enemy lines and fight back. Safety is apart of the intent why most civilians buy fire arms.

Good mental health is when our choices are safe: for ourselves and toward others. Safety is consideration of physical well-being. Safety also involves physical well-being of two or more individuals.

Now, beneficial… Is a state in which an individual gains something. Sometimes, beneficial is a positive. It’s not always.

Let’s consider education. It’s beneficial for children to attend school, so they gain knowledge and acquire a job. Usually, attending school is also a safe choice.

Now, let’s consider methamphetamines. It’s possibly beneficial for an individual with severe pain to take a very slight amount of it, to control it. Is it safe? Not really because it’s addictive.

Beneficial doesn’t mean good. There’s cons to situations that may “benefit” someone…. When the individual chooses to behave in a safe manner, there’s a much less chance of a loss. There’s less amount of lives impacted by negativity.

This is my reasoning anyway.

#NDRW- #8

Today’s random word: Fire

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Please tag each post #NDRW

Concept: To write everything and anything that comes to mind about the Daily Random Word.

It can be incomplete thoughts listed, a short story, a personal story, personal reflection, memories, whatever you want it to be. The idea is to get everything out. Once you’ve done that, you can return to these posts and use the ideas in your writing. 

Have fun

God, Have Mercy

I hear music all the time. Songs from generations ago, and stuff that’s on the radio today. I’ve heard such a vast mix of genres, artists, and types of music.

It’s been my diary, my best friend, my voice, and my blanket of safety. Anytime I needed healing, I replied on music to work it’s magic… And it ALWAYS prevailed.

But, as years passed, and Ive grown from a child to a young adult… And a young and inexperienced foolish newly wed, to this wise and refined concept of beauty, I’ve listened to old familiar songs and heard them for a very first time.

Lately, as if something greater is drawing me nearer, I’ve become obsessed with one particular song.

The artist’s voice caught my attention. The beat of the song is fast paced, and almost angelic.

But, what does Kyrie mean? What was the inspiration for this moment in my life, when a song steals my attention as if trying to tell me something.

So, I looked it up:

Kyrie- Mr Mister * You can listen to it here*

The wind blows hard against this mountain side, across the sea into my soul
It reaches into where I cannot hide, setting my feet upon the road

My heart is old, it holds my memories, my body burns a gemlike flame
Somewhere between the soul and soft machine, is where I find myself again

Kyrie eleison, down the road that I must travel
Kyrie eleison, through the darkness of the night
Kyrie eleison, where I’m going will you follow
Kyrie eleison, on a highway in the light

When I was young I thought of growing old, of what my life would mean to me
Would I have followed down my chosen road, or only wished what I could be

Kyrie eleison, down the road that I must travel
Kyrie eleison, through the darkness of the night
Kyrie eleison, where I’m going will you follow
Kyrie eleison, on a highway in the light