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42nd Day of 365 Thanks Giving

This post is for yesterday, January 8th.

I am giving thanks for the “talks” men give about masculinity!

I never REALLY thought about men’s mental health until my former husband committed suicide.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the suicide rate for men is alarmingly high!

Young teens, Veterans, single dads, every age and race.. Nationality and ethnicity.

It wasn’t until I became an advocate that I was conscious about their mindset, stereotypes, and expectations.

Men, whether you respond to this or not, I hope that this post encourages you to speak up. Find someone who WILL listen.

Your destiny isn’t the mold under scrutiny and social pressure that you believe it is… It’s what you decide.

Here’s a few fantastic talks that speak on this subject.

With Love and Light

Nova Namastè