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Mamba Mentality

In a world filled with so much noise, Kobe focused on his goals. He strived hard, practiced tirelessly, and never gave in to adversity.

The coolest part about him; in my opinion, was his Down-to-Earth genuinity.

The second characteristic I loved about him, was his tenacity. Sure he was signed with the Lakers; but, he sat the bench many games. That wasn’t good enough for Kobe. It wasn’t what he wanted. He wasn’t selling himself short, either.

As a Husband, Father, & HUGE NBA Ball player, Kobe had a life of others’ dreams. Still, he showed vulnerability with this quote. Being true and honest, breeding resilience from losses, and setbacks. Overcoming what was uncomfortable, Kobe made his legacy by 41 years of age.

Taken from an article written on Positive Outlooks
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We all have dreams and goals. We all have choices telling us, it’s not your time kid. Kobe’s example teaches the value of listening to your own voice. Whether it’s ballet, parenting, Soccer, skiing, writing, or cleaning the house, He teaches us to do it with pride, to the best of our ability, and continued improvement.

That’s sound advice, if you ask me!