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17 Days Before Christmas: Lyrics

As a writer, and obsessed music addict, I can confidently say, words are my first love. Recently, I explained such an impact they’ve had through my lifetime, via Facebook.

OK, so maybe not so recently 😜😫

Anyway, as a girl, I excessively wrote. It was my outlet. The pages understood. The stories and emotions I couldn’t carry. The anger and resentment, confusion, sadness.. Flooded the pages of locked journal, after notebook, after diary, and on.

Sometimes, I’d sit and reread the filled pages. I remember thanking God for getting me through so much tough stuff. I remember feeling my self- awareness and growth.

The majority of my abuse, came from my adoptive mother. There’d rarely been a time when I felt her approval. Honestly, even less were the times when I heard it… You say all parents are like that! Maybe.. but, this is mine .. And this is me.. As a Highly Sensitive Child.

Packed with days of writing, my childhood would, also, show you my love for music. The magic of words and melodies danced through my lonely days. They pulled me in, erasing everything else in my world. I could breathe again. I could understand myself. I could cry with relief. In those extended two and half minutes, I was free.

And the songs.. became me…

They and I fused into one single being.

Now that I’ve taken care of my mind; and, I’ve allowed myself to heal from some wounds, I listen differently.

I listen to the artist. I listen with empathy. I listen with an openness and compassion. The voices I hear, they’re people. They’re human beings. They cry, feel, hurt, and write.. Just like me. Except,.. They publish their innermost intimate thoughts out into existence.

They are people.. who voluntarily drop the protection and security.. leaving themselves vulnerable to the entire world. Can you imagine what they feel when they hear feedback from fans.. And it’s less than supportive…

To write is to leave a permanent piece of yourself in your path. To read.. And to listen…. It’s too be privileged in the receiving.. Because they’re not just words.

They’re life.. And they carry meaning.. In someone’s story.

This Christmas, listen between the nonsense and commercialization. Others are saying things that need to be heard. Songs are telling us what we may have lost sight.

Keep your heart open.. and allow the melodious holiday to free you, even if for a few minutes.

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè