Blogmas Day 10🎄⛪🎄

Blogmas 🎄⛪🎄

10 Hilarious White Elephant Gifts

1. This one’s coming from SasiPrints on Etsy! An original, “Fully Vaccinated, Still Antisocial” sweater 😂🤣😂🤣 Head over to her Etsy profile and snatched one of these before they’re gone!


2. From The BigMouth Inc Store, here’s an original toilet mug ☕️🚽 ! This will certainty get the party rolling.

3. Visiting The Witty Yeti Store, you’ll find this awesome fake electrical outlet prank sticker pack! There’s 10 per pack! Shamelessly, I have to admit, I will be buying these at some point.

4. Deals In Sight suggests this hilarious gift. A stash safe disguised as a stick of deodorant. You could use it to put money in for the recipient. Many similar gifts available.

5. Pickle Addicts has the perfect gag gift.. None other than 7 piece Pickle Lovers Gift Pack!

Photo is a cropped screenshot from Amazon!

6. A AIFAMY Store, has this super sexy and and unmeasurably attractive 3D Dad Beer Belly Gut Fanny Pack.

7. If you’re looking to hit the single most last nerve, Amazon has a Screaming Goat 🐐 Book and Figure set. That’ll get people hollering.

8. This next one is ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS! I’d be forever grateful to whomever sends me this Retro Camera Shaped Toilet Paper Box Holder! You can find it via the hyperlink.

9. For the dirty dirty minds, here’s a site with 23 suggestions that’ll definitely accomplish a great laugh.

10. If nothing else works. If you just don’t think any other option suits the cause, these Encased masks bearded Santa masks might be your answer!

Whatever you take, just remember to laugh and have a great time! That’s the real spirit of Christmas!

Until Next Time,

Much Love to You,

Nova Namastè

Blogmas Day 4🎄⛪🎄

Blogmas 🎄⛪🎄

If you’re feeling meh about get togethers, or your family is so far away… Maybe your friends are more like family; and, ya’ll can’t afford to travel ( my case!)… Here’s an inexpensive yet successful way to make Christmas memories. HOST A VIRTUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY

App suggestions: these have requirements regarding set up and participants. I’d suggest researching which is best for you, first.

  • Zoom
  • Facebook Messenger
  • What’s App
  • Houseparty

🎁Virtual Christmas: 10 Ideas for an Entertaining Christmas Party

1. Secret Santa or White Elephant gift Exchange: Websites, such as Elfster or White Elephant Online, provides the information and avenues you’d need to effortlessly organize one for your event.

2. Holiday Card Creation Challenge: Separate the participants into groups. Have each group use the Canva Templates to create a masterpiece:)

3. Name that tune or Christmas karaoke: This is very simple. Simple play a song via phone/tv/Spotify/Youtube and enjoy!

4. Virtual International Tour: This idea excites me! Without leaving your home, your group can sight see for a small fee (considering the cost of actually traveling.)

5. Create a Playlist: Music is always a good time at a party! This idea is cheap and a forever memorabilia! Use an music platform and create a playlist of each participants favorite song (Christmas or otherswise!)

6. Virtual Photo Booth: This may be a bit more complex; but, it’s well worth it! Use these apps to upload photos and create hilarious memories.

7. Chubby Elf Marshmallow Mouth: NOTE: choking hazard risk. Play at your own discretion. Here’s the original version. Elf is a modified version.

8. Movie: Watch a Christmas classic together:) Teleparty can help you do that!

9. Write a Christmas Story: ask each person to write personal holiday memories on paper. Next blend them into an unforgettable tale:)

10. Last but not least: Ice Breakers: You have to get the crowd warmed up with some easy entertainment. These suggestions will have you all warmed up in no time. Here’s a great list.

Enjoy Yourself! That’s truly what’s most important.

With Love & Light,


Dash Through McDonalds


LOL, have you ever participated in a drive thru shenanigan? How about the other side of that track? Many a story I have heard, have been epic tales at the order menu.

Today, as I sat in my Honda, both my girls were both talking at me.. at the same time. I try my best to partake in both conversations; but, I’m human.

In a split second, I glanced out my window. I needed the temporary distraction. In that minute, I see a man. He got out of his truck, and sprayed his car window! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

I believe he threw trash out the window; but, remnants hit the glass.. I died laughing! This particular location is notorious for slow service! One day, I sat in line for an hour before I got all the way through.

This guy has PLENTY of time to wash his window. In actuality, he probably has time to do a few loads of laundry and his whole truck. I let him know as much.

Mr Sir, you made me laugh! I’m thankful for those 30 seconds that our paths crossed today.

I’m thankful for moments of great laughter, when anxiety is suffocating!

Until next time,

Nova Namastè

“Ten Minutes!!!”


Today, God showed me the evidence of evil in this world. He reminded me how much this world is a balance of all that’s so good, with all that’s not. He showed me how much I need to practice this mantra “This is a bad moment, not a bad day!” He also allowed me to buy “buckeyes” (I hope most of you know what those are!” Without any guilt!!

The situation went from all the glory of this beautiful Red Tail Halk, to some upset lady yelling at me because I choose to walk cemeteries, sometimes, here rather than streets. I take my kids with me because cemeteries aren’t usually full of ignorant people who don’t understand kids. Her issue was my kids were all over the road. They reminded me that, “Maybe you should pay more attention next time”🙄🙄🙄 .

Little people never ride single file… they swerve and sway… regardless of on a bike, scooter, feet, whatever!! She was upset because she was “ following behind us for 10 MINUETS!!!!!” The distance from the Halk to her over dramatic long car horn honk…was less than 4 mins… on foot!

So yeah… for a min… she got to me. I kept trying to remind myself that her behavior leads to her karma. Mine will result in my own karma… so I need to keep my anger checked. Maybe next time, I’ll make up some “sign language of my own” to portray my poor hearing.

Other than her, we had an amazing afternoon with sun, and low humidity, sweets, new sites, and a few laughs.

This made up for Ms Hates Her Life

Safe Safe, Speak Life, & Spread Kindness!

Nova Namastè