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No amount of regret will change your past.

Nothing done will ever change.

No amount of science will formulate the technology to time travel.

No time but right now, will be your opportunity to ensure a brighter future.

So stop being in yesterday.. Because it’s just an illusion within this world’s idea of time..

Don’t fall for this theory of “tomorrow”. It never comes.. Whatever exists.. Is right now.

Be right now. Live fully and intentionally right now.

Soak up all that’s good and positive. Breathe deeply. Stop your body and mind, to look around and see… Hear… take in this moment.

Be still.. and let life bless you.

Happy Saturday 🫶🪷

Nova Namastè


Create spiritual zen in the privacy of your home. Here’s some ideas: patio furniture, rugs, decor, and more!


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Sending Love

Today’s a last.. The last Sunday of March.. A quarter of the year has nearly finished. How are you doing? Have you stayed on track with your resolutions? Do you need a pick-me-up or little push to get back on track? The super cool thing about a goal is, at any moment, you can begin.. Even if it’s “again”.

You got this, ok! You. Got. This!

Give yourself a touch of grace.. You deserve it. Start today, start again. Stay focused. You have all that you need within yourself to accomplish what you set your mind to.

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National Kindness Day 2022 {Date Correction Feb 17th}

Will you participate? Of course kindness is available for use ANY time of any day… But this February 22nd… After all the havic Corona brought us… Would you please intentionally join in this wonderful holiday?

We ALL need that little extra touch of grace.. We ALL could use that human contact of a simple but genuine hug. The smallest gestures make the greatest impacts!

I sure hope you’ll consider joining me!

Much love always!


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Affirmative 🌺 #5

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” I am no longer going to live in fear, speak negatively about myself and others, blame myself for past mistakes, downplay my abilities and talents, cheat myself, lie to myself, live in denial, and feel guilty for things that are not my fault. I will not procrastinate, worry about things I have no control over, and suffocate my feelings and emotions. I will not put roadblocks in my path, make excuses, put myself down, fail to try, allow others to decide for me, lack accountability, and spew negativity out into the vibration of energy connected to my life. I will not sit in pity, expect nothing to change, and blame others for my choices. Instead, I am going to love myself, first! I’m going to give myself unconditional love, mercy, grace, and respect … Because I deserve it. ”

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originally posted : 10/31/18

reposted: 01/31/2022

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Blogmas Day 7🎄⛪🎄

❤️🎄 Winter Question Tag 💚🎄

Today, I wanted to simply encourage my readers to share about him/her/theirselves during this time of year. Feel free to comment below or blog post, using the link below to pingback.

[ ]

🥰Here’s the list of questions🧤
  1. What’s your favorite Winter sport?
  2. What’s your number one self care priority during colder weather?
  3. What do you place at the top of your tree?
  4. Any Christmas Eve traditions?
  5. What is your definition of Christmas spirit?
  6. What is one thing you’ve always wished for?
  7. What would you say in a Grown Up Christmas Letter to Santa?
  8. One object you’d think would be in every mom’s purse during the Winter?
  9. What 3 movies do you watch every Christmas?
  10. What’s you absolute favoritest part about this time of year?

I’m tagging these individuals; however, you aren’t asked to do so. It’s completely your choice.

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  10. One Woman’s Quest

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè

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Blogmas Day 2🎄⛪🎄

This time of year, stress and anxiety are exponentially high. Unfortunately, that’s reality. The good part? It doesn’t have to control us and ruin our Christmas cheer!

Duly note: though I am suggesting ways to combat the blues; ultimately, you have to make the choice to do it. Only then, will you achieve it.

10 Ways to Manage Your Mental Health


2. TAKE A DRIVE! – Christmas lights up neighborhoods! If you’re having a hard time, wrapped up in your thoughts.. Get in your car (goal #1 accomplished!!) and drive around 🙂 ❤️

We just did this, last night 💚

3. MAKE A HOT DRINK- a favorite drink, tea, coffee, hot chocolate… Doesn’t matter! You deserve a few minutes with a treat. Also, warmth going into your body will raise your body temperature. Mentally, warm feels more secure?

4. SOAK IN THE TUB – This is the easiest but one of the most rewarding care practices, in my opinion. If you like bath salts, I recommend these:

5. PHONE A FRIEND – Believe me when I say, people LOVE you!! People DO care what you’re going through. People WILL listen. Online, you have countless people at your fingertips. Take time and call someone! Allow yourself to trust someone else. Allow yourself to be transparent and vulnerable. You deserve that relief, no matter how long it lasts.

6. DO RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS – Personally, when I’m feeling awful, it’s kindness towards others that helps the most. It’s the deliberate mental focus on improving the life of another person that helps me smile. It’s the truth that, my gift of kindness, not only made their day brighter, but also, made my own the same, at the same time.

7. MEDITATE – Whether you use a app, listen to a YouTube video, play a podcast, or talk to yourself.. Meditation will remind you to breathe deep. It will ground you to the present moment. It will rebalance your body and mind. Allow yourself to be open and honest about everything that comes to mind. Use that time to feel what you do.. Then allow it to pass.

8. HUG SOMEBODY – I know, ewwww and COVID 😵😵… But really, we’ve all become dangerously out of reach with one another.. On all levels. I can’t tell you how many times I needed a hug in my life.. And I never got it! I also know that if I had, it would’ve made a huge difference.

9. CHECK IT TWICE – What do you have planned for the month? Is your Christmas packed with obligations and appointments? Is it depressingly empty? Take a look, and adjust your plans according to adequate sleep, less stress, and a happier you.

10. UNPLUG & READ- There’s nothing quite like a lit tree, candle light or fire place glow and a good book. If you don’t do well with books, grab a magazine. If you happen to be blind, maybe play a podcast? In whatever ways you can, shut off noises and focus on another story.

I hope this has helped❤️ Always remember I’m here if you need an ear.

With Love & Light


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📖 The Hope

Some noise isn’t easy to dismiss. Some of it shouldn’t be dismissed. In Los Angeles, the noise of the streets is exceptionally disturbing. It’s heartbreaking; but, words of discussion doesn’t change it’s truth.

Skid Row brutally exposes the reality of struggle, unfortunate circumstances, and loss for countless human beings. Whatever series of events lead them to this place, they’re there; and, they need essentials to survive.

Plenty of adults lack the education of how their hurt impacts the future of their offspring. Where does the deadly cycle end? I suppose it’s when we all begin within ourselves to better understand. It might happen as we stop running from pain and discomfort. When we face what’s happened to us, the past starts to diminish.

Unfortunately, the past caught up those who live on Skid Row. I’m not saying childhood trauma is the only path that leads to homelessness. I’m saying a painful childhood greatly impacts adulthood, for all of us.. Thus resulting in some poor choices… even homelessness.

I understand decisions have consequences. I understand consequences require acknowledgement and accountability in order to be fruitful. I also know that we all are imperfect begins.

Two days ago, as I laid on my warm, queen size bed… I stumbled upon a new TV series… While surfing through my streaming device.. On my big flat screen.

The IMDBtv show is called The Tent Mender. The gentleman narrating the story is a heroin recovering addict. He chose to return to this place, where he got sober 15 years before. He needed the reminder. He was on the verge of relapsing.

Here’s the link to watch this incredible story!

You’ll meet remarkable individuals. You’ll see the kindness of humanity through loving acts of service. You’ll see the contribution of an answer to countless prayers: The Midnight Mission.

It’s incredibly humbling to watch. I hope you’ll take time to see for yourself.

Sometimes it’s easy to walk by because we know we can’t change someone’s whole life in a single afternoon. But what we fail to realize it that simple kindness can go a long way toward encouraging someone who is stuck in a desolate place.”

Mike Yankoski

Until next time,

Nova Namastè

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Thankful Thursday ❤️🧡💛💚💙💗

I’d love to see followers participate in this little post. When we focus on being thankful, life will show us more of it.

I’ll go first: ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️

  1. I’m thankful for my boyfriend.
  2. I’m thankful for Daffodil Hill in Cleveland Heights.
  3. I’m thankful for chocolate hazelnut.
  4. I’m thankful for cloudlesss skies.
  5. I’m thankful for the ability to use all my senses.

Until next time

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè