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For The New People :D

Hello & Welcome!

I’m Nova; and, I’m so happy you’re here. I started this blog back in 2008; however, I didn’t really utilize it until 2018 (I think 🤔)!

I’ve enjoyed blogging for many reasons! It’s allowed me to create a space where I can give my thoughts without fear of repercussions. I feel people listen here. I feel others respectively scroll on past if they don’t agree. I know the support in this community is amazing.

I also enjoy blogging because I have my own voice! I have my own story that needs told. It’s not easy to open oneself up and become vulnerable with all that’s been hidden away. Through blogging, I’d say for myself and potentially many others, we’ve found a place to tell our story.

I know the two, above, sound like I’m repeating myself. The first is staying safety in dissociative opinion from any group or majority. The second is testimony by experience. They are very different ideas.

Additionally, I enjoy blogging because I love giving back to others. I know words have incredible power. I know in my own past, I needed to hear certain things at certain moments. This platform allows me to lift up others. It allows me to leave a dose of Positivity or humor if someone needs that. I can post a word “message” I’ve recieved, letting others know hey I got you. I feel what you’re feeling.

Aside from the creative world of characters, plot twists, poetry, books, songs, settings, endings, stanzas, and editing.. Blogging is an excellent way to simply share: anything & everything.

I hope you enjoy your blogging experience here on “Know Your Worth; Own Your Life“. I hope you’ll stop by again, and, always remember, you are loved! 💎

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness 💗