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Promote Yourself Monday: May 2, 2022

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Promote Yourself Monday: May 2, 2022
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Motivate Monday

Hello hello!! Another Monday has greeted us:)

Today, I want to get you excited about your budgeting!

Years ago, I was the customer that held her breath, hoping every transaction went through. The thought of buckling down and seeing the numbers, made me lose sleep. On the contrary, the frequent experiences with “decline” was just as terrible. I wasn’t ready for that growth yet, though.

Today, I spent hours working out my plan. I looked at bills and totals, dates and payments. I typed it all up in my app; which allows me to revisit it anytime I need.

So how do you get excited about budgeting?


Think about these past two years. The isolation and re-evaluations tortured our mental health. We couldn’t go anywhere.. we couldn’t visit anyone. There was nothing open, aside from jobs of essential workers.

We all stayed home.. and thought.. and thought..and thought.

Transitioning back into some version of normalcy, we’ve moved on.. but.. have we moved forward?


Right now, decide on one task you want to accomplish. Is it a savings goal? Is it a vacation? Maybe a new car? Graduating with a Master’s degree?

Once you have identified your goal, make a plan:

Here’s a few questions to consider asking yourself.

  • What steps need taken in order for it to be achieved?
  • What does it involve?
  • How much money is involved?
  • What changes can I make now in order to be more efficient?
  • What do I need to do that might be challenging?

Take such steps as the following:

  • break your goal down into smaller tangible tasks.
  • Invest quality time into changing
  • Write everything down
  • Be intentional in the entire process
  • Give yourself patience & grace

The task always seems so hard until you get started! Take time and work out a plan. Break the process down into smaller tasks.

You got this!

With Love and Light,


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Your straightforward truth saved me so much time.

My time is irreplaceable.

Respect earned.

Nova Namastè

Dear A. ,

Maybe one day you’ll learn how much respect I gained for you. Maybe one day, we’ll sit down and have lunch. If maybe not, I hope all that is good and wonderful flows in your direction. You’re definitely one of the good ones!

Nova Namastè

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Inner Child: Storytelling

When you consider who you are right now, for any amount.. Even a tiny morsal, do you blame your childhood? I do.

My belief is most of us don’t understand child development until we’re adults. We’re raised by human adults that, also, may not understand it. By the time we reach the age of understanding, we are working tirelessly UNLEARNING the mistakes and CORRECTING ourselves.

This crazy cycle is unnecessary. I want to speak to the children in our WordPress community. These children are currently under the age of 21.

This information is a result of endless theory and testing, research and critiquing. Erik Erikson was a German Psychologist who spent decades developing what’s, now, commonly known as

The 8 Stages of Psychological Development


NOW.. I need the rest of the childrens’ attention please!

Who’s left? The rest of us, 21 and older… Every single one of us has an inner child. I don’t care what you’ve done or how hard ass you think you are. I don’t care what you say about your sense of awareness… When you’re faced with THE one situation that crumbles all the walls, leaving you vulnerable… Your child shows up!

I need all of you beautiful children to sit with me, while I tell you a story..

It’s about a little boy.. A little girl.. Or a precious soul and the journey of growth. It’s a story with many chapters; so I’ll need your patience… I’ll need you put on your listening ears.. And use your best silent voices. This story isn’t one you’ve ever heard. It’s, also, one you’ll never forget.

To the group I addressed first, I encourage you to sit with the rest of our kids. I hope you’ll listen and take note of the truth in the story. I hope you’d safely tuck these chapters into your heart.

Each Chapter will be Red lettering. It’ll say

Storytelling: Chapter {whatever}

The 1st Chapter will be posted soon. Please keep a look out for it.

Until then, gather some Self-Care treats and rest your beautiful self. This adventure isn’t going to be easy.. but, it’s going to be worth it 💚💜💚

With all my love 💎❤️

Nova Namastè

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Affirmative 🌺 #5

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” I am no longer going to live in fear, speak negatively about myself and others, blame myself for past mistakes, downplay my abilities and talents, cheat myself, lie to myself, live in denial, and feel guilty for things that are not my fault. I will not procrastinate, worry about things I have no control over, and suffocate my feelings and emotions. I will not put roadblocks in my path, make excuses, put myself down, fail to try, allow others to decide for me, lack accountability, and spew negativity out into the vibration of energy connected to my life. I will not sit in pity, expect nothing to change, and blame others for my choices. Instead, I am going to love myself, first! I’m going to give myself unconditional love, mercy, grace, and respect … Because I deserve it. ”

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originally posted : 10/31/18

reposted: 01/31/2022

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My Mental Health Journey #23

Dear Brandy,

I’m proud of you! You don’t hear that enough; even from me. Please always remember that; no matter how often you hear it, it’s the truth!!

Particularly, I’m proud of you for growing in the aspect of acceptance. Whether you are solidifying boundaries or maturing in what was once insecurities, your chances are so beautiful.

I know you’ve heard many harsh things in your life. I know they’ve cut deep into your inner child. I’m so proud of you for learning the truths as they are. I’m proud of you for choosing to live in their light.

What’s easy isn’t always right, what’s right isn’t always easy.. But it’s completely worth it.

Keep thriving, striving, and contriving towards a better you.

Much love,

Nova Namastè

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Newest Followers Welcome

Unbeknownst to you, I set a blogging goal for myself this Summer. By December 31st, 11:59… I wanted my site to reach 2500 individuals who felt it worthy enough to follow! I didn’t feel arrogant, but rather faithful in achieving this dream. I never doubted this would happen, eventually.

A day or so ago, Pat Fitzgerald grabbed that 2500th slot! Thank you so much, friend! I’m grateful for you; and, I hope your visit is always positive and inspiring. Would all of you other followers slide over that way, and show Pat some like, follow, and comment love? Thank you!

I need to give thanks to Kenny at Ken’s Devotions! He is always reblogging my content ( 🤔 I’m not sure what’s so special about mine, honestly!), which advertises me to others. Please leave him a hello, too, followers.

Since I’ve had over 500 added since January, I’d like to spotlight many of the recent ones! All of you guys are amazing! I cherish each one of you. If you have time, could you all drop by one another’s blog and show support? Let’s show each other what my blog is all about…Unifying us in the process of improving our mental health through self care and kindness.

Here’s additional followers to love on:

Thank you again, for all your support, comments, feedback, etc. I am planning a few improvements for next year. I always want to make your experience more enriching! In the mean time, enjoy your visit!

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness!

Nova Namastè

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Holding On But Letting Go

Dear Ones:

Do you know that feeling when you love something so much, it hurts? It’s only with life experience that we can possibly understand what it means.

We love a sport even when our feet hurt and our body aches. We love food until even though our cholesterol is really not good. We love night clubs though we’re hung over in the morning. We love so damn much… and nearly EVERYTHING on that list.. will hurt..

The secret to life is, though, is that we can hold on the memories of all that we love.. without holding on to the pain. We can keep with the good parts about that/those moment (s) without holding ourselves back in their suffering.

There will always be something new to love. There will always be pain because you love it so hard.. but, growth brings you through it. It challenges you. It screams at you when you want to give up. It reminds you why you started. It brings you to the place where you’re meant to do something differently.

So hold on to the memories. Smile when you think back to the wins in life. It’s ok to do that. Leave your suffering at the end of that every chapter. You’re moving on to the next ones; and, it needs all of you to write it in epic fashion!

Until next time,

Stay Safe, Speak Life, & Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè

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Intentionally Present

Dear Followers:

Hello, hopefully your week has started wonderfully.

Right now, I’m coming to you in such a different mindset. Honestly, I don’t think there’s any going back. The door’s been closed; I’m not meant to look back. I’m not meant to try and hold on to it. That’s what I’d want (sometimes!).. But that’s not how life works.

Friends, if I can teach you anything, it’s this: be mindful of your prescence in this world. Often time, most of the time, we’re regretting or running from the past. When we’re not doing that, we’re messing up things in fear of what our insecurities tell us. Our minds don’t seem to be right now, right here, and we’re ok!

You see, life waits for no one. If we don’t allow ourselves to slow down, take some time and completely be in the moment, it’s going to pass. We’ll lose that precious time.

The significance of a moment? A child’s first cry… A grandfather’s last breath… Our birthdays… His first date… Her first crush.

These moments are often the “first” or “last”. If we’re not mindful of them.. If we fail to entirely embrace life… We’ll miss them.

I’m really going through something right now. Though, most would say, “Oh that was such and such many years for Me!” (As if appropriate feedback is to make the conversation about your parallel experience. I HATE when people do this!)

All that to say, practice being diligently present in your life. Try to be in every moment as it’s happening. You don’t know when change will come.

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness.

Nova Namastè