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Six-Word-Story Friday 06/24/22

Meet her in your wildest dreams!

Stay Safe, Speak Life, & Spread Kindness!


My Favorite App

Hot from the App Store!! This is a life-changing, makes-life-so-much-better, must-have app!!


{ Found here in the App Store }

I’ve gotten into this healthy habit of doing some sort of entry into one of my journals. The time taken to document something important with creativity is so positive. Additionally, the privacy of this app… where I write absolutely everything without judgment & scrutiny… indescribable. No one to tell me I’m wrong.. or that’s not fair.. or I shouldn’t feel that way.. or here we go again.. I’m so thankful for this app!!

The pro version is only $9.99 a month!! It’s well worth much more than that with all the personalization options available!!! I love this app so much. It helps me keep track of important information, like bills.. business stats.. and still provides a place for creativity and dreams!!

Absolutely recommend this to every iPhone user!

Here’s the entry I just completed.

This is truly a must-have!!

With Love & Light,

Nova Namaste

Color Therapy

Coloring this picture gave me such joy! It’s unique and intriguing. It was a bigger challenge to complete, as well.

I use such as apps as a form of therapy. It’s free, aka fabulous. It also forces me to literally refocus my attention, which helps my breathing show down.

What forms of therapy do you use to help with your mental health?

Happy Friday 🌺

Nova Namastè