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It’s Finally Friday

🪴What are you grateful for today?🪴

Here’s mine:

  1. Fans
  2. Sleep
  3. Garmet Racks
  4. Coffee
  5. Flowers
  6. New apps
  7. Second chances

Stay Safe, Speak Life, & Spread Kindness!


Nova Namatè

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My Mental Health Journey #24: And Sometimes I’m not Ok

Why is everything so complicated? I’ve asked myself that quite a few times this week. In December, I decided Patience was going to be my word for 2022… Thus far, life has generously tested mine.

The desire to work an online store, but have the inventory ship from it’s original location, sounds like a great job…. I thought it was an opportunity to learn a few new skills, but obtainable within a few weeks. That’s not my case… At all.

I’ve spent so much time reading descriptions, trying various host sites, changing themes, personalizing options, spending what I felt was direct investment into my work, watching tutorials and such.

I’m feeling greatly defeated tonight. The mistake I made this week was huge. It was embarrassing. The individual to whom I confided in, naturally reminded me of the mental mess he always puts me in; and, I’m still without an official store.

In addition to the hurdles with my work, the weather here in Ohio has been so ugly. Last week, most days were frigid cold, wind chills below 0. The daytime temperatures were below 20. That’s hard on someone trying to stay positive and remain motivated to tackle more mubble jumble about drop shipping.

I’m not giving up. I know something brand new will be filled with many attempt.. and the answers will come. It’ll all fall together as does everything in life.

Right now, I’m just depressed! This glorious idea is so difficult, when, it doesn’t need to be. Without trusted advisors, or those whom can guide you, the road to victory is a rugged and uncharted path. It’s lonely but, more so, scary.

My transparency is what I owe you readers 🕯️

Stay Safe and Warm 🕯️

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Happy Pierogi Day 🤍

Taken from National ToDay on Twitter

I remember reading these for the first time. My mom just boiled them, these added a dash of salt and butter.

I’ve made them once or twice. My girls were little, so they didn’t care for them. I’m going to try again soon.

Do you have a special way you make yours (if at all?)

Here’s some interesting history!

Pierogi arrived on Polish territories in the 13th century. The were probably imported from the Far East via eastern neighbors such as Kievian Rus (today’s Ukraine) perhaps thanks to Hyacinth of Poland (a monk in a Kiev monastery who became patron saint of pierogi). In the past, pierogi were more popular in the eastern borderlands of Old Poland than in the west. The first written pierogi recipes come from Compendium Ferculorum a book published in 1682. It was the first Polish cookbook of the renowned cook Stanisław Czerniecki.
This is the most international recognized Polish dish.

Have yourself this yummy dish today 🙂

Nova Namastè

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Somethin Bout Mirrors 🪞

Morning Morning Everyone! For many of us, it’s Friday! We made it 100% through every win and struggle this week. I’m completely proud of you!

Those of you who live many many miles from the US, how has your weekend treated you thus far? Have you stopped your mind and body to enjoy the current moment?

Today, to each of you, I’m sending my most sincere wishes for a wonderful day full of amazing moments.

Today’s theme is mirrors. Shortly after discovering these two images, my mind continued down the road of mirrors. What they represent. What they say. How they are used. I’m excited to share my findings with you.

For now, I’d like to leave you with this cup of positivity!

As always remember to Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness 🍃🙏🏼


Nova Namastè

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Feel Good Friday❤️

Every day, I intentionally seek out a way to leave a positive impact on someone’s life. I have the resources. I have the time.

Today, I want to spotlight this incredible human being!

💖💖Screenshot of his TikTok page💖💖

Bryan is an everyday guy, doing normal things. Fishing and working fills his days. Roughly 4-5 days ago, Brian received a powerful message from a boy, asking him to be his father.

The emotional tole has changed Bryan’s life.. because he went from “I can’t do this!” To smiling and stepping out in Faith.

This guy has touched my heart because his calling came to him; and rather than dodging it, he committed to it. He accepted this purpose and is now on the adventure of helping young in need.

In his personal time, he loves to fish! The link below is the Go Fund Me he’s set up to raise money for fishing adventures. Like a fishing trip and a few laughs could be all it takes for young people to feel renewed hope.

I’m posting this simply to bring awareness to the situation. Feel free to search Bryan on Tiktok or Instagram! You can also go through this link below and donate if you should feel led!

Extraordinary requires just a little bit “extra”. ❤️

Thanks for reading! Please reblog this if nothing else. I wholeheartedly believe in this cause and would greatly appreciate your contribution. Know that you’d be helping in changing lives for so many young youth!

Until Next Time,

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness!

Nova Namastè (Brandy ❤️)

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Share with Us 💕 #2 [Everyone Welcome 2 Participate]

1. Have you ever jumped in rain puddles?

Free Photo Library Credit

2. Do you or do you not use a fork to twist your spaghetti on a spoon before putting it in your mouth?

Free Photo Library Credit

3. If you saw a reflection of your younger self in a mirror, what would you tell him/her?

Free Photo Library Credit

4. How would you describe the sky without using weather related words?

Free Photo Library Credit

5. Are you an organ donor? Have you ever received an organ transplant?

Free Photo Library Credit

6. Have you ever taken the punishment for someone? What happened and what was the punishment?

Free Photo Library Credit

7. Tell us something you’ve learned about a culture different from your own.

Free Photo Library Credit

8. Would you please tell me 5 sounds that you hear right now?

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These are this week’s questions 🌺 Feel free to answer any that you’d like.

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè

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Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: Nature

Click the photo for the challenge details.

Theme this week: Nature

Photo by Amber Janssens on

Nature provides direction, wisdom, and elements for human survival. Long before colonies began establishing “civilization”; spiritual beings, Native Americans, lived in harmony with their surroundings. Sure there was unfortunate losses, inconveniences, and hardships.. but, nonetheless, no one complained. No one lacked respect for this mutual agreement.

Contrarily, nature doesn’t need humans for survival. They’ve managed on their own, in all types of weather conditions. It’s because of our species, that many families of animals are dying off, land is scarce, and our bodies of water are disgusting.

I hope in the near future, we all begin to give back to the place where life originated, sustainability worked, and the natural order of things was practiced.

💗Remember to stay safe, speak life, spread kindness!