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FOWC: Accentuate

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Most of the time, additives, such as make up or botox, will accentuate an individual’s natural beauty.

Thus; however, isn’t always the case.

I’m sorry the obvious isn’t so obvious sometimes! YIKES

With the most living way possible,

Nova Namastè

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FOWC: Opening

She found the small beautifully decorated box sitting on her doorstep. There wasn’t any postage; therefore, someone must have hand delivered it.

” How strange!” She thought aloud. ” Charity, no. It’s not a cat toy, that I’m sure!”

Charity has been her sweet Himalayan princess for seven years, now. If it weren’t for her, Kim would have had some much longer and darker nights.

Kim looked around, but there wasn’t any indication of whom left this gift. She bent down, carefully, and retrieved the box.

Once she was comfortable on the porch swing, she slowly pulled the left wing of the ribbon. She was hesitated to proceed, for no one can be too careful with suspicious packages these days.

As Kim fought with herself, Charity peeped out the midsized opening, at the foot of the screen door.

“Mmmeeoowww!” She declared.

Kim didn’t acknowledge the request.

She announced her presence again.

” Mmmeeoowww!” This time a more perturbed.

Kim looked at her cat and responded,

” Oh yes your majesty. It’s time I served your breakfast, isn’t it?”

Charity jumped upon the cushiones seat, and rubbed her head up against Kim’s arm.

” I need another cup of coffee for this adventure anyway. Let’s go.”

With that, the ladies made their way inside, and back to the kitchen.

Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Opening

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Her Sunroom

The sunroom was warm and cozy, despite the six inches of snow that blanketed the ground. It extended to the left of the living room, on the west side of the house. Three of the four walls were five inch thick panels of glass, that extended from ceiling to floor. An extra large hanging basket of flourishing pansies hung in the furthest center and right corner. These beauties have been growing for months, and add the perfect touch of color to the sunroom.

Collete sat in her oversized dark blue velvet chair, waiting for the filter to percolate her hot blueberry tea. The chair was a gift from her mother, and Collete’s favorite spot in the world. Sitting just to the left of the entrence, here, she watched sunsets, read, found inspiration for her writing, knitted, among other things.

This was written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge

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Always Seek An Adventure

A man dressed as Superman smiles at patient Joao Bertola, 2, and his father at the Hospital Infantil Sabara in Sao Paulo, Brazil. -Nacho Doce / Reuters

(taken from Pinterest) Taken from buzzfeednews


The little boy smiled in wide-eyed wonder! There before him, Superman, swinging from his super strong chord!! The boy laughed with utter delight, gibbering to his father. The story couldn’t escape his lips fast enough. He giggled and pressed his tiny little palm against the glass. Superman raised his hand, and met the little boys. Joao looked at his father with the most intrepid sense in his eyes, nearly ready to jump on the ledge himself.

Superman was his little man’s favorite. He loved the red cape, and matching boots. The hard days, when Joao struggles to get through chemo treatment, Superman is always there. He’s cheering Joao on, reminding him that not all heroes wear capes. He even agreed to give little Joao his cape when the last treatment is finished.

Together, they worked through the fight. The cancer was gone, and the two heroes remained friends.

Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge: intrepid

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#FOWC: remorse

I love The Lion King. It’s been my all-time favorite movie since the first time I saw it. The notorious Uncle Scar manipulates little Simba to believe he’s responsible for Mufasa’s death. Scare wanted first place, Pride Rock, and the title of “King”. He had a selfish agenda and zero remorse. He was going to do whatever necessary to achieve his mission.

I can’t imagine being Simba and seeing his daddy fall to his death. Responsibility? Running from his past? Eeeeehhhhh, I’m not in agreement with that. Simba grew to face his past, and he displayed his remorse to Rafiki, his mother, and everyone who counted on him.

At the time of the accident, he was too young to piece everything together; however, Serobi and the Lionesses disappointed me. Scar had a pattern of ill behavior. They never should have believed a thing he said.

Timon and Pumba taught Simba about free life and enjoying it day by day. They were exactly who Simba needed at the time they found him. Pumba cracks me up. He’s a warthog; remorse falls upon his personal space embarrassingly quite often. I give kudos to Timon for being his sidekick and endearing friend.

Written in focus of Fandango’s One Word Challenge: remorse

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#FOWC: [Cleveland’s ] Wall [Murals]

This is one of my most favorite aspects of my city! The artwork, surely some graffiti but respectfully well done, is magnificent! It’s scattered throughout downtown Cleveland, Ohio City, Parma, and several other suburbs. They are marvelous, absolutely worth a visit here.

Here an article from Cleveland Magazine🙂

Here’s a few additions pictures:

Freshwater Cleveland

Mural on W. 25th Cleveland

Cleveland Plus

Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Wall

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Genuinely Good

The rave, head banging, and maximized equalizer defined madness. He, however, lived for this scene: decked out in black belt, boots, and buttons. For this evening, he added a touch of Japanese finished black nail polish with silver metallic crosses and dark eye liner. Most of the time, he alarmed passerbys out in public; but he didn’t mind. He’d rather make others question his motives than appear “normally” murderous.

Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge: madness