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Blogmas Day 11🎄⛪🎄

These are a few ideas to win the affection at any holiday party. Dips are easy, yummy, and inexpensive dishes that are a win!

🎄5 Christmas Dip Recipes🎅🏼

1. Hot Cocoa Cheesecake Dip: the recipe is from Miranda at Cookie Dough and Mitt. Click this link for directions.

Prep time: 5 mins 😍


  • 4 (.73 oz) envelopes hot cocoa mix without marshmallows
  • 1 (8 oz.) package cream cheese, room temperature
  • 4 oz. cool whip, thawed
  • 2 -3 T. vanilla mallow bits

2. Peppermint Fluff Dip: This looks too pretty to eat! Haha The recipe and directions came from this page. I can’t paste an image so please go visit The Pinning Momma and see how delicious this looks.


  • 1 container (7 oz.) Marshmallow Fluff
  • 8 oz Cream Cheese
  • 1 tsp Peppermint Extract
  • 1/4 c Peppermints, crushed
  • Chocolate graham crackers, or other dippers

3. White Cheddar & Cranberry Dip: I’m not usually a cranberries gal; but, this sounds good! You can find the directions here.

Best Served Right Away


  • White Cheddar Cheese: You’ll need extra-sharp white cheddar for this recipe. It’s going to be tangy with deep flavors. Buy a block and shred it yourself. It tastes 10X better!
  • Cream Cheese: Regular block of cream cheese. I do not recommend Neufchatel cheese.
  • Cranberry Sauce: I included a really easy cranberry sauce recipe below. It makes enough for this dip, plus extra for later.
  • Cranberries: I recommend fresh cranberries for this recipe. [COPIED THIS FROM THIS SITE!]

4. Salted Caramel Pecan Cheesecake Dip: Yummy mixture of sweet, salty, and fluffy! Unless you’re allergic to nuts, what’s not to love! You can find the directions at Wonky Wonderful 🙂


  • Cream Cheese – softened
  • Marshmallow Creme
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Dulche de Leche or Caramel Sauce
  • Chopped Pecans
  • Milk
  • Maldon Salt Flakes

5. Snowman Dessert Dip: This is simple and so cute! Perfect dip for a kids holiday event. You can find all the yummy directions from Simple Shellie.


  • 1 8oz Package Cream Cheese, Softened
  • 1 8oz Can Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 1 Container Cool Whip
  • ½ Cup Chocolate Chips
  • ¼ Cup Candy Corn
  • Mini Pretzel Sticks

Let me know if you happen to have a go-to dip recipe! These all look so good! Here’s where you can find many more!

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness 💗

Nova Namastè

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Happy Pierogi Day 🤍

Taken from National ToDay on Twitter

I remember reading these for the first time. My mom just boiled them, these added a dash of salt and butter.

I’ve made them once or twice. My girls were little, so they didn’t care for them. I’m going to try again soon.

Do you have a special way you make yours (if at all?)

Here’s some interesting history!

Pierogi arrived on Polish territories in the 13th century. The were probably imported from the Far East via eastern neighbors such as Kievian Rus (today’s Ukraine) perhaps thanks to Hyacinth of Poland (a monk in a Kiev monastery who became patron saint of pierogi). In the past, pierogi were more popular in the eastern borderlands of Old Poland than in the west. The first written pierogi recipes come from Compendium Ferculorum a book published in 1682. It was the first Polish cookbook of the renowned cook Stanisław Czerniecki.
This is the most international recognized Polish dish.

Have yourself this yummy dish today 🙂

Nova Namastè

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Knocks at the front door.

I’m eating a juicy peach.

Food first. Guest must wait.


Photo Credit Free Library

Word of the Day Challenge: Juicy

Food & Netflix 😀 lol I’m too busy for unannounced company. 🤣🤣

Lesson here, I have messed up priorities; but, unexpected guests are yuck. Ha!

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness!

Nova Namastè

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WOTDC: Bucolic

Formulated for the Word of the Day Challenge: bucolic. You can read more about the challenge here:D!

Ohio might not be the first place on your ” Top 10 Places to Vacation”; but, it’s, indeed, full of excitement and charm.

One of the ” must visit ” places is Berlin, Ohio.

I LOVE this area because it’s bucolic simplicity is so very laid-back and relaxing. The shop owners are warm and pleasant, sociable and helpful.

The FOOD, oh my heavens!!!

It’s a wonderful weekend to be had, without a doubt.

All photos taken from Pinterest

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Save the Honey Bees

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Bee Facts 🐝

  1. Bees memory is manipulated by caffeine. (Read more about that buzzzz here!)
  1. The venom of a bee sting is used for treating things such as arthritis and blood pressure. ( Read more about bee facts here!)
  1. Male bees are nearly useless. ( Read more about that here!)
  1. Honeybees will change their brain chemistry before performing a new task. ( Check it out!)
  1. One bee has to fly about 90,000 miles – three times around the globe – to make one pound of honey. ( Read more about it here!)

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Good Morning Message ☕️

This morning, my menu consists of the following:

☕️: Coffee (Starbucks Dark Roast)

🍓🍌🍐🍎🍊🍑🥭: strawberries, bananas, pears, apples, oranges, peaches, and mangos

🥯🥐🥞: bagel with blueberry cream cheese, crassont, and a fluffy stack of pancakes.

🥓🍳🧀: bacon, fried eggs over easy, with cheese.

🥛🍵: milk or tea

Please eat as much as you’d like, there’s plenty 🙂 Thank you for accepting my invitation to have breakfast with me! I always enjoy our time together 🙂

How was your week? Did you enjoy your weekend? My daughter and I hung out the rest of Saturday and will today. Sometimes, that rest is really needed.

How’s your food? Do you need another cup of tea? Or coffee refill? Is be glad to get that for you! No? OK dear, please let me know if you change your mind.

So this week coming up, I’ll be starting work as a property consultant. I’ll visit different properties for sale, take several pictures of the home and property, then send them off to my boss and wait for instruction. I’m very excited.

On top of that, my girls and I are feeling better, so I’m hoping to get outside and enjoy walking. It’s been a long winter. I’m ready for flowers to bloom! I sure do love taking photos in the Spring!!

Well, I’ll let you finish eating! I’m sending my biggest hugs to you and best wishes for a wonderful Sunday!!

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Venturesome Spirit

Photo Credit Unsplash

Whon Chin had a venturesome spirit!

He lived in the fields; bathed in the streams of gold.

He walked the paths of adventure,

Fearing not what he may face.

A baby grizzly bear perhaps,

Or a chimpanzee with her young,,

A pack of hefty grey wolves,

Or maybe a Tiger who enjoys

Rice, fried with greens and chicken.

This was formulated for the Word of the Day- venturesome.

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I’m sitting here, thinking about another blogger who wrote a “sit in” post. {That which is written while at the place the post takes place}.

I’m here @ McDonald’s (🥴); there’s only so much my girls would eat right now.

We are the only individuals in the seating area and playground.

Our store location is on the corner, from a Shell gas station ($2.29/gallon), Happy’s Pizza (which is disgusting to me!), and this other business I can’t see out the window.

The weather isn’t too cold, just enough to tease us of how Spring feels.

The customers are accumulating, a very odd set of three came in… Two of three in hoodies. I would say they’re high school age.

I’m sitting here drinking a large Dr Pepper. The staff is talking loud enough for everyone to hear. When I worked in fast food, we didn’t talk like that.

Today’s been an emotional day, most defiantly when my mind created problems that I don’t believe existed. I couldn’t get loose from the anxiety. I guess I should be gentle on myself for trying.

Anyway, this momma is utterly drained. Seven thirty can’t come soon enough.

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I have the mastered deception. Dot Hogs with cheeze & slause 🙂 haha! Yup, it’s been that kinda day. When life doesn’t make sense, just go with it. Might lead you to something,… Interesting… LoL