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Greetings, My Followers

Have a wonderful Saturday!



Special Post for You

Hello lovelies💞,

I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you all. My blog is my baby, aside from my two daughters. I have put my heart and soul into it, to provide a type of space that feels safe, positive, and inspiring. I started a few years ago, believing that if I publish genuine content, followers will come. Right now, I feel such a deep sense of gratitude. I know my purpose here has been fulfilled; and, that’s you. Thank you for the likes, reblogs, and comments. I’m working on reciprocating the same amount of love and support on your blogs. I appreciate your patience and understanding. My life is crazy; and, I’ve little time to read.

With Sincerest Thanks,

Nova Namastè

Welcome 🙏🏼

Hello followers:

I wanted to extend my gratitude to you. I’m thrilled that you’re here. I’m honored you’ve found my blog worthy enough to follow.

Our blogging/writing community knows me as Nova. I’ve been blogging for nearly three years. I’ve spent this time attempting to create a safe space for individuals to visit. I want this space to be warm and positive, helpful and hopeful. I want my readers to believe I want whats best for them; and, I’ll be here should they need a little help.

Every single blog in our community is truly unique! Every single one holds a special piece of it’s author. Each one was created for a purpose, to share a collection of information with you that’s intimately significant to a person.

Whether you’ve just found my blog, and you’ve just begun writing…. Or you’ve been here and just discovered me…. I wish you a thrilling adventure in this world of words.

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Welcome to Nova’s Namastè 365 Online

Hey hey ya’ll lovely souls, hope your Monday had started off with positive vibes lighting your way. I wanted to take a moment and personally write a blog post for you 🙂

Special Shout Out 2 my newest followers! I’m grateful & excited to talk to each of you.

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Just wanted to tell you a few about me💕

  1. My pancakes are never circular; but, they taste so good.
  2. I’ve played the clarinet and saxophone in high school.
  3. Both of my girls were born via C-section.
  4. My whole 33 years, I’ve never been drunk or smoked anything.
  5. My favorite numbers 3,5, and 7.
  6. Right now, I’m obsessed with the Netflix show Parenthood.
  7. I love most types of music.
  8. I can swim; but, I hate swimming.
  9. I love Italian food.
  10. Clowns are scary.

My Mental Health Journey 12 ( I Just Can’t & You Can’t Expect Me To)

Here’s my confession:

If a post is a personal story, informational about a topic I’m interested in, fictional, humorous, music related, short in length, or labeled with a really catchy title, I’ll end up reading it in it’s entirety.

Otherwise, and I may have missed an additional exception or two, I will skim through and catch the main ideas, so I can comment and leave support.

If that offends you, please unfollow me now.

Now that those lose feathers have been shaken off, allow me to explain.

I PROMISE you, I WANT to read every single word of every single post every single one of you have, and will write!!

Truth be told, I can’t. Number one, I don’t have the time. My two babies keep me busy. I’m a mother first, before anything else.

Number two, if I did so, I wouldn’t have a blog of my own. I wouldn’t have time to write. I love writing, and I’m loving interacting with all of you, as well.

Number three, my brain is so easily overwelmed that I can’t read a whole lot at once. When I worked at Bob Evens (hey that’s something you all didn’t know about me!), my biggest challenge was keeping up with the menu because of the amount of information I had to learn in such a short time. It was seasonally changing, too!

And number four, I am a multitasker. Every moment of my life, literally, I am doing at least 2 things. I have to. It’s just a must for my life.

I’ve recently had a follower take offense to this, and that hurt me. I’m one of the most supportive bloggers I know.. And that’s regardless of every factor other than we are all trying to accomplish the same goal… Write good material. This blogger wasn’t satisfied with my amount of effort and dismissed me completely.

Personally, I feel if you have such high levels of your followers, the intention of writing needs evaluated. I also prefer you don’t follow me in the first place…

We all do what we humanly can, and we’re our own worst critics. We don’t need expectations like read every post I write word for word, comment every single time, like and share it, on top of our own self sabotage.

That’s it for now.

Morning Vibes

Good Morning,

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It’s Monday, new week full of new opportunities! I hope you feel inspired to reach out and grab them, especially when you know it’s meant for you. I hope your coffee or tea is perfect, and you feel happiness in your heart. If anything, right now, try and just be in this moment. Feel the temperature around you. Look around and search for something that makes you feel happy. Listen to music that’s your favorite, or simply take in huge deep breaths and exhale. Allow yourself to be ok, right here.. Right now. You deserve it!

With much love :