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Awww Mondays

Photo by Yan Krukov on Pexels.com

A family’s first Christmas with a baby is so precious 🌼

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè


My loves

I didn’t know I could love an animal ( non-typical pet) as much as I love these guys. When they were first given to me, I remember thinking

“Dear Lord, I don’t know how to take care of turtles. I don’t think I even have a home for them.”

Well here we are, months and months later 🙂 They’re very much members of my little family.

I just cleaned their home so they can climb to dry land.

Your Daily Word Prompt : Cedar


The cedar bench, just off to the right of a 100- sq ft arboretum, was Cecilia’s last gift from her father. When she was a girl, together, they would walk the paths of the beautiful exotic flowers, and Japanese gardens. Her father studied nature with great pride and intensity, knowing the earth provides more then humans realize. One particular visit, her attention caught the aroma of cedar trees. She fell in love instantly, the spicy evergreen excited her scenes. 

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Joy Today

What has brought you joy today? What made you smile and/or laugh? What made your heart feel lighter or that God sent just for you? Please comment your answer below if you’d like to participate. 

My Joy today :


  1. Delicious pumpkin pie.
  2. Conversations with friends.
  3. Instagram
  4. Decluttered kitchen
  5. Coloring
There’s nothing like a good piece of chocolate 🙂