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Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: Nature

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Theme this week: Nature

Photo by Amber Janssens on Pexels.com

Nature provides direction, wisdom, and elements for human survival. Long before colonies began establishing “civilization”; spiritual beings, Native Americans, lived in harmony with their surroundings. Sure there was unfortunate losses, inconveniences, and hardships.. but, nonetheless, no one complained. No one lacked respect for this mutual agreement.

Contrarily, nature doesn’t need humans for survival. They’ve managed on their own, in all types of weather conditions. It’s because of our species, that many families of animals are dying off, land is scarce, and our bodies of water are disgusting.

I hope in the near future, we all begin to give back to the place where life originated, sustainability worked, and the natural order of things was practiced.

💗Remember to stay safe, speak life, spread kindness!


Night Meets Day

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They sheepishly sat on the rooftop bench, amongst the man-made garden of Lilies, Hydrangeas, and Morning Glories. Finally, after what felt like endless eternity, night meet day.

As soon as the first speckle of light rose from the far East horizon, everything looked different… less scary.

The rigid prickles were simply leaves, branched off from the flowers. The huge kind-of circular shapes were gorgeous pastel blues, pinks, and purples.

The mischievous brothers felt tremendous relief. They had fun, sneaking out and deliberately ignoring their mother’s rules.

“No harm done!” twelve year old Cody barely said. His voice was achingly hoarse from the screaming for his brother.

But, was that really so?

“ Ummm, Cody?” his eight year old brother managed to get out.

Apprehensively, he added, “The door won’t open!!”

Cody snapped back, “ What do you mean, the door won’t open? I told you to wedge that green watering can in the frame, to keep it from closing!”

“ I did that,” he bellowed, “but the wind must have pushed it inside!”

“ Andy, the wind isn’t strong enough!” Cody added.

In utter disbelief, and with no potential solution, Cody smacked his palm to his forehead.. quite irritated.

They were trapped above the city, on a 75 story building top, until help arrived.


Meanwhile, momma sat with her green can at her feet… sipping her coffee, watching that beautiful sunrise!