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Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: Soaring

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Up, up, up

Even higher.

Gone, stopped, silenced,

The noise within me.

Warm, beautiful, and dreamy,

Soaring higher than the clouds.

Nova Namastè

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: Nature

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Theme this week: Nature

Photo by Amber Janssens on Pexels.com

Nature provides direction, wisdom, and elements for human survival. Long before colonies began establishing “civilization”; spiritual beings, Native Americans, lived in harmony with their surroundings. Sure there was unfortunate losses, inconveniences, and hardships.. but, nonetheless, no one complained. No one lacked respect for this mutual agreement.

Contrarily, nature doesn’t need humans for survival. They’ve managed on their own, in all types of weather conditions. It’s because of our species, that many families of animals are dying off, land is scarce, and our bodies of water are disgusting.

I hope in the near future, we all begin to give back to the place where life originated, sustainability worked, and the natural order of things was practiced.

💗Remember to stay safe, speak life, spread kindness!