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22 Days Before Christmas: Belief

According to Webster, belief is defined:

1: a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing

belief in God; a belief in democracy.

I bought the table in the belief that it was an antique.

contrary to popular belief

2: something that is accepted, considered to be true, or held as an opinion : something believed

an individual’s religious or political beliefs

especially tenet or body of tenets held by a group 

the beliefs of the Catholic Church 

3: conviction of the truth of some statement or the reality of some being or phenomenon especially when based on examination of evidence

In summary, belief is two things: conviction of truth and result of trust.

When you read the above, you’ll notice the other parts of the definitions:

  • State or Habit of the Mind
  • God
  • Higher Being
  • Democracy
  • Religious Beliefs

Is it ironic that these hot topics fall inline with powerful concepts like truth and trust. I’m going to claim it’s safe to say, when an average person is asked

“Tell me what immediately comes to mind when you hear the term ‘belief’. “

The first several choices are the list above.

Now, if you examine definition #2, specifically, you’ll see opinions and accepted. That’s a personal reference, a matter of individual choice.


Belief is ours. It’s ours now. It’s ours tomorrow. It’s a privilege. It’s what a democracy gifts us. It’s personal. It’s a source of identity..

As you sit with this depth, consider the things you believe. Take a closer look at definition number three.

Why are we quick to believe somethings; and, spend priceless time doubting others?

Why do you believe what you do? Do you even know?

This Christmas season, as the belief in all the magic of Christmas is sprinkled on children, watch how freeing they live.

Nothing holding them down. Nothing keeping them back. Nothing taunting their nights and haunting their days. Nothing of their own choosing anyway…


With Love and Light,

Nova Namastรจ

23 Days Before Christmas: Holiday Grief

As the time draws near, never expect yourself, or anyone else to feel anything other than what is. Grief can’t be rushed. It shouldn’t be compressed or minimized for the sake of a holiday. What you feel is valid and truth. It’s real; and, it’s yours.

As expected, there maybe times when you’re overwhelmed by it. In such cases, there several coping strategies you can try. For example, step away from the agitation, crowd, or situation. Secondly, you can head home if you feel the need to be alone. Additionally, taking time to write can help you to hear yourself, evaluate your process, notice your patterns, and praise your progress.

With the same respect, the grieving journey is different for everyone. The consist truth; however, is life’s unpredictability. That said, there can and should be moments when you to feel something good, something light, something positive. Part of your healing is accepting; then, following through, with letting go. Letting go of guilt, regret, shame, and faulty responsibility begins your journey. Letting go of the past, the sadness that connects you with the past, and fear must follow.

I know Christmas triggers so many things in so many people. That breaks my heart; but, my hope is here for those who need it. Hope for a better – than – expected time with family. Hope for a genuine laugh out loud feeling. Hope for a warm and fuzzy feeling. Hope for a first kiss. Hope in enchanted snow coated lit trees. Hope in the vibrations of sung Oh Holy Night. Hope in the Synchronity of our universe; in God’s greater plan.

Where there is hope, there’s possibility. A night when two young people traveled, seeking shelter for a safe birth.. In uncertainty, hoping to find where they were meant to stop..

That’s where hope began ๐Ÿ’— Hold onto it ๐Ÿ’—

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastรจ

26 Days Before Christmas: Snowman

Frosty the snowman ๐Ÿ˜‰ We can’t forget all the others that have seen Winters of years past!

These are pixabay images ๐Ÿ˜€ Free for use!

Credit Link Attached
Credit Link Attached
Credit Link Attached (Tell me he’s not the cutest snowman ever!)
Credit Link Attached

Then weโ€™ve got all the fun snowmen bring to boys and girlsโ„๏ธโ›„โ„๏ธโ˜ƒ๏ธ

Hope you take a moment and enjoy all parts of this Christmas season!

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastรจ

27 Days Before Christmas: Elf

Two Elfs come to mind… One is the mischief,…. oh wait… they both are.. actually!

The Elf on the Shelf became apart of Christmas a few years ago. I didn’t jump on the bandwagon, as I usually don’t. Over the years, I’ve seen amazing and creative scenarios Mr Elf got himself into. To be honest, they’re quite comical. This year, I think I’m going to try and participate.

There’s a ton of ideas on Pinterest!

Then, we have this crazy fun loving elf. He reminds us of the unexpected joy that Christmas can be… If we let it. He shows us that stopping for a few minutes to see Santa, begins with allowing the child in us to live.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Let’s be honest, Santa can’t handle all the deliveries by himself.

So that’s been settled!

With Love and Light,


28 Days Before Christmas: Cards

Have you received an unexpected piece of mail, exactly at the moment you needed it?

It was warming, hopeful, and good. Wasn’t it? It made you smile or maybe cry, because someone invested into you and your wellbeing. Maybe, this mail started a ripple. You may have been the person that was called to pay “it” forward. You may be that person who, then, took the gift and gave it to someone else… Because it’s meant to be shared.


I am blessed to, frequently, expierence this random act of kindness. I’ve had days when I wanted to hide in the bathroom, and cry… But, the seven cards kept me on my feet.


Years ago, written correspondence was the only option between individuals. Someone would have to buy paper or material, buy ink and a pen. The procedure took quite some time. That allowed society time to consider and reflect on what a letter or card, postcard or note really meant.

In today’s world, of instantaneous technology, and constant motion, the habit of sending cards is a “craft”. It’s a concept that’s fallen into the “People still do that?” category.

Yes, indeed they do. These Facebook groups have been the source of light during the pandemic. They’ve been the encouragement for grieving children of elderly parents. These groups have sent love to those celebrating graduations and birthdays. These individuals shared in the joy of child births, and humility of Veterans Day.

So, you see, a card is more than some words, paper, and maybe stickers.

Writing to someone, Taking the time to craft each letter, to buy a stamp, to select an envelope, to travel to the post office – none of this goes unnoticed. A letter, before it is even read, has already said, “I care about you. You’re someone special.” And that is a message that all enjoy.

Wesley Baines

When you hold this in your hands, remember it’s everything you can’t see: love, time, investment, care.

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastรจ

30 Days Before Christmas: The Tree

Look at what I just found ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

The center of many christmas decorations is a grand tree. Here in the upper part of the US, a pine tree is laced with lights, bulbs, and popcorn.

Some families enjoy decorating it according to a chosen them.

Grinch Decor Anyone?

Some were inspired to use poinsettias, certain colors, even pickles!

Growing up, my family had the tradition of decorating it together. We would hang endless ornaments of years past. The stories were told, year after year.

With my children, nothing has ever been traditional! I think I may find an interesting theme to use. A few years back, we had our tree designed and lit on the wall. It was quite beautiful.

Iโ€™m fascinated with the intentionality built in American traditions. For example, pine trees were used by Wiccans to keep away evil. They simply continued use of them into the holiday season. Other similar trees, such as evergreens, were chosen In symbolism to eternal connection/life with God! Obviously, most of us know the Christian belief of Mary, Joseph, and the star.

Did you know, in the early 1830s, when Germans traveled to the United States, governors fought against this idea of decorating lights on trees, with chanting carols. They felt their version as sacred! Can you imagine? Read more about it here.

The Times Author Olivia B Waxman, wrote an interesting article about the tree, traditions, and more.

I am so glad I decided to explore this topic today. These trees bring so much delight to families. Itโ€™s a great blessing considering its origin.

Until Next Time,

Nova Namastรจ