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Nova’s September 30 Days of Gratitude Day 4

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Day 4: An Experience You Treasure

This experience was more like a moment. I was driving somewhere; I don’t remember where. I was listening to something; I don’t remember what.

The message I heard was this, “Fear often stops us from trying because we may fail at the task. What if we’d change that thinking to, why not try because we might succeed.”

I heard it loud and clear, as if it was meant just for me.

You see, in 2005,

I was in a college yoga class (ironically, of all places!!). I was doing a particular pose, when all of a sudden my temperature sky rocketed and the room started spinning.

At the time, my mother thought “my husband lost a whole day of work for nothing!!!!!”… while my doctor said, “take Zyrtec three times a day for your allergies.” It wasn’t “nothing or allergies”.

Four years later, talking with someone, I learned it was an ear condition called Vertigo. At the time, I had no health insurance. I couldn’t just run to my car and head to the Doc with the news.

When I got pregnant in 2012, { if you do the math, that’s 7 years!!!} THAT’S when I finally had the chance to see a doctor and say, “ Hey!! I need Meclizine!!”

How bad do you suppose my anxiety got in 7 years? How many panic attacks do you suppose I had, while trying to regain confidence when driving? It was torture! I felt too dependent on others. I was limited to where I could go.

The freeway was exceptionally scary!!

Until I heard that message. That next day, I remember driving down the entrance ramp, feeling a slight panic. I remember later that day, feeling completely in control of my vehicle.

Is it mind over matter? Sometimes!! I also knew there was something going on with me that was severely hindering my life. I took charge of that because I had had enough.

That’s an experience I’ll always hold dear.

What about you?

With love & light:

Nova Namastè