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WordPress Asks

List five things you do for fun.

5 things I do for fun:

Write and send out happy mail ~

Walk the local Metroparks ~

Use all sorts of colors, with everything ~

Photograph flowers ~

Explore old places Learn new things ~

What about you? What do you do for fun?

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

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WordPress Asks

What snack would you eat right now?

Somethin ‘bout food!! Mmmmm caught my attention. 😂😂😂😂

So let’s talk snacks, shall we? Let’s get into it!

Some of my snacks are the following:

  1. Popcorn
  2. Fresh Fruit
  3. Granola Bars
  4. Yogurt
  5. Cookies
  6. Chocolate
  7. Nutella

Usually, when I’m snacking, I’m also watching a movie. Right now, I have my tv on, while I write. Multitasking is a part of me that comes natural. It’s a must with being a single mom. Aside from watching movies and snacking, I enjoy listening to podcasts and eating.

Here’s an amazing site with plenty of episodes of countless categories:) There’s definitely something for everyone!


Have a listen 🙂

Do You Want to Live Forever or Live a Lifetime in a Few Years

Do you want to live forever?

I would never choose to live forever, in this physical world.

Why? Why would I deliberately choose to hurt loved ones? Why would I allow that pain to show it’s face, if I have the choice?

Let’s compartmentalize this thought, shall we?

  • Forever means overpopulation!
    Ummm… She, who is impatient, claustrophobic, highly sensitive, and Introverted… No thanks!
  • Pollution and Air Quality! Have you ever been to places like Korea, China, or Japan? There’s no way I’d want this planet in such devastating decay. Nor would I ever want my children to live in such a terrible place.
  • Science isn’t meant to be altered, for the sake of selfish intentions. I know the world of DNA cloning and robotics, AI’S, and advanced methods are in infant stages. I’m not sure that’s safe.. If that’s what humans should be doing.. If it’s for the good of all society. There’s no way, I’d challenge the natural process of life by living forever.
  • Additionally, if I lived forever, how much love would I receive from others? There’s an ignorance within our species that allows the elements needed for fruitful results, to be buried, until it’s fruitless tears at a funeral or wake.
  • Finally, the idea of living forever implies quantity. More what… Would productivity happen? Would anything happen? Or would we all sit back and say, ” Ah well, I’ll get around to it.” And ” Well, there’s always tomorrow.” The state of being would consist of poor quality.

WordPress Asks

What could you do differently?

How easy could it be for me to slip into a horrible mental place with this question!

I’m going to try my best to NOT do that… Let’s get to it.

I could be more structured with chores, taking my anxiety medicine, and housework. This will alleviate tons of my stress.

I could come up with a visual schedule, so all three of us keeps on tasks. Additionally, this will help us to productive instead of frustrated.

I could mature some and give him space. Maturity is necessary. It’s apart of healthy relationships. If I’m trying to be in one, I need to be loving and mature enough to give the is space/time needed. That’s a struggle for me; because, I have abandonment issues.

I could create a meal plan. Accepting inputting from my daughters would allow them to feel apart of the process. This may create a less sense of power struggle.

I could set a goal, and work little tangible tasks, to earn my reward of a newer phone. This works with younger people. I don’t see why I couldn’t apply the same principle.

There’s many of things I could do differently; guess I’ll be getting to them.

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Do you spend more time thinking about the future or the past? Why?

I spent too much time thinking about the past. According to my observations of human nature, I feel we’re more creative and yet, alive, in negative and difficult situations. It’s possibly the adrenaline the shoots through our veins, in the fight or flight mode. On the other hand, it’s possible all of this is utter nonsense because my breathing is way off course during such a time.

I don’t know; but, I find myself reminensing on many occasions that resulted in significant hurt. I’m working on this suffering, this year. No amount of guilt or shame is going to change what had happened.

WordPress Asks (new series)

Are you a good judge of character?

I believe my intuition is intensified to where I am accurate about one’s character. So I’m not saying that it’s my judge of character; but, rather, my gift via intuition.

Here’s a few examples of my intuition at work.
1. There was an accident, involving an early 20’s young man, his car, and our hillside. He was coming around the turn, flying down the street and ended up nose diving to the trunk of the tree, leaning bumper against it. My intuition said, pray for him! Literally, minutes after my siblings and I finished praying for a doctor, one just showed up.
2. Other incidences have been, where I would have physical pain or physical illnesses, identifying something wrong with a person or future event. I cannot physically be around some people without getting ill after sometime. This is my struggle with my current downstairs neighbor. I can sense that he’s very narcissistic in the charming sort of way. Additionally, it’s been very evident that he’s petty and immature.

I feel energy; good, bad, and different, involuntarily! I’ll know the aura of someone simply by looking in their eyes. There’s no way I can deny that; therefore, it’s hard for me to misjudge someone’s character.

Stay Safe,

Speak Life,

Spread Kindness:

Nova Namastè

7 Days Before Christmas: Lessons

What skills or lessons have you learned recently?

Lesson #1: Check your address BEFORE you submit an order. Otherwise, intimate body jewelry may land on the doorstep of an elderly lady.

Lesson #2: Before confidence can blossom a skill, perfection will kill all opportunities.

Lesson #3: Double check orders before buying; or else, you may end up with two of the same LOL doll.

Lesson #4: People who are dealing with heavy stuff (unalive stuff), will have signs of a destructive pattern. (not necessarily something new.. more of a confirmation.)

Lesson #5: In situations when someone is upset with me, I can differentiate where I am and am not in the wrong. Maturity has a way of building understanding.

Lesson #6: People who don’t understand there WILL be conflict between us ; but, so can be reconciliation… Aren’t my people.

Until next time,

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas 🎄❄️

Nova Namastè