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Mission Compassion

A new year is right around the corner. If ever before, right now, all of us need to know….. Need to hear we have someone in our corner. Here’s a few details to keep in mind.

#1. No one can ever hear that too much!

#2. Mean it when you say it!

#3. Remember consistency of following through with said words builds trust.

#4. Trust is gold!

#5. Everyone needs to trust at least one person really IS in his/her corner..

When 2022 hits, choose what kind of energy you want to contribute to this world. If each of us focuses on being a better friend, we’ll all HAVE a better friend, starting with us as our own 1st friend.

We’re better together ❤️❤️

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Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: Compassion

You can find all the details to the challenge here.

There’s no place for me to judge if any particular religion is better than the other. I don’t know if one is the “above all others”.

Over the years, I’ve grown to identify myself as a spiritual person. I know my intuition has never failed me. I know I’ve found great peace in a realm beyond mortal capability.

One quality that I’ve dearly cherished, is my sense of compassion. As an empath, I naturally absorb energy around me. I sense what has come in that precise moment; and, I’m able to extend what’s needed to help.

The religion I most identify with is Buddhism. My beliefs and moral compass align with their practices.

Photo Credit

This is Buddhist Avalokiteshvara Kuan Yin Buddhism Statue

Avalokiteśvara is one of the most famous bodhisattvas in Buddhism. The worship of bodhisattvas (beings of enlightenment) is one of the most distinctive features of Mahāyāna Buddhism. Whereas early or mainstream Buddhism recognizes only two bodhisattvas—the Buddha in his previous lives and Maitreya, the future Buddha—there are a number of bodhisattvas in Mahāyāna to whom one can appeal for help and guidance. Of the many bodhisattvas, Avalokiteśvara is identified specifically as the embodiment of compassion and as such has been worshipped throughout Buddhist Asia.


If you believe in nothing, consider this idea of empathy and concern for the well-being of others ❤️

Music to speak to your heart.

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness

Nova’s Namastè

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Company among the Dead

She couldn’t catch her breath.

“This is what a panic attack feels like!” her mind echoed in her silence.

All the noises around her; but, she couldn’t hear.

Only the presence of her outraged core had her attention.

Not a single person held space with empathy.

Very few extended condolences, cold, shallow and obligatory of course.

She was outragged. All the judgemental eyes looked in her direction.

He didn’t want her there. It wasn’t “their” kind of place! She felt that, every single minute that passed.

Even after life, he spoke right to her truth.

The service started. She hid in the back, afraid she’d make a scene she couldn’t take back.

Mumbled and muffled, the Pastor was saying things… But she didn’t listen.

She couldn’t hear past the anger she carried!

Then, in a few slip seconds, she heard

“He was a brother and a Son”.

And she snapped! It took every fiber of her being

From interrupting everyone’s “grieving”… And speak her damn mind.

She knew the baby needed more of her though.

She knew they hurt… And she was hurt.

She knew she didn’t HAVE to stay.

She knew no one would care if she left.

So she gathered her things, said her goodbyes,

And left.

Whispers and shit circled the rumor mill..

But she didn’t care. The ONLY person that mattered was 18 months old.


What hallowed the hearts of people that day wasn’t grief… It was guilt. When we don’t understand, and it creates pain…

We carelessly search for someone to blame.

Compassion is a thing… Good throughout every year. Let’s use it often as possible. We never know what one is going through.

Until next time,

Nova Namastè

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Saturday 💛 Vibes

Good Morning!

Today’s a new day.

What brings your heart joy right now?

To whom would you show gratitude?

This morning, my daughter and I fed the birds and squirrels. I was excited to see birds actually paying us a visit.

After we came back inside the warmth, we did a  step by step instructions of how to make toast. She’s easily flustered, and lots of information at once doesn’t work. She did well, and I’m thankful that we did it together.

I’m not sure whats in store for today; but I’m determined to feel good. Later, I’m thinking pancakes 😁