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Happy Saturday Beautiful People 💖

Incase no one’s told you yet today,

  • You are fabulous!
  • I appreciate you!
  • Your life matters!
  • Your presence makes a difference!
  • You are loved!

Here’s some “pick-me-up” ers 🙂

Feline Friday

My first time participating in Feline Friday:D Here’s my entry. You can jump back to the host post here🙂

Photo taken from the free library!

I have always found these felines so majestic! They have amazing stripes; and, they walk with this incredible confidence. They always hold their heads up high.

Powerful Felines🐈

Until next time,

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè

I’ve Just Discovered Him

I don’t do life without laughter!

I just can’t; especially with society’s pms’ing

Offended nonsense these days.

Tonight, I REALLY needed my endorphins! (And

My scale was already threatening me to stay away from my KitKats)

Surfing Netflix, I came across this pale, odd, and homosexual looking fella. His name is Daniel Sloss!

“Why Not?!”, I said to myself… BEST DECISION IVE MADE TODAY! 😂😂😂😂

Now, he’s a bit twisted… But all of humor is, even in the slightest. He has colorful language ( which I usually can’t stand!).

He’s genuinely funny! His subject matter is real, raw, and current. It’s honest and he hits every angle about all the possible awkward situations within comedy! Homosexuality, offending others, Vegans, Art…

I can’t believe I’ve never heard of him before. If you’re open minded and would enjoy a night of laughter (as if anyone would say Nah, I’d rather sit here and be a sour ass.), I HIGHLY recommend Daniel Sloss:)

Here’s a sample😂😂😂

Daniel Sloss

M.C.O.K – Please Cast a Vote

This sweet boy has spent all the normality he knows doing for others. What a beautiful soul; he’s only 11. His goal is to meet Ellen💗💗💗 My heart has such love for this sweet boy. If you stop by this link below, would you please take a moment and cast a Vote? Kindness in exchanged for kindness🌸


Every ‘Hotel Transylvania’ Movie Ranked from Worst to Best

Every ‘Hotel Transylvania’ Movie Ranked from Worst to Best

— Read on moviebabblereviews.com/2018/07/16/every-hotel-transylvania-movie-ranked-from-worst-to-best/

I absolutely can’t wait to see this!!

Comment below your thoughts!

#9. Helpful Tips

I’m so thankful when I come across tips that make life more pleasurable by reducing anxiety =) This list below has started my Tuesday with such positivity and encouragement 🌸


We live in a quick-fix kind of world, complete with one-minute meals and instant ab workouts. It’s nearly impossible to find the time to sit down and contemplate permanent ways to be happier. We’re in luck, then, because there are lots of little tric…
— Read on www.bustle.com/articles/108208-11-hacks-scientifically-proven-to-make-you-feel-instantly-happy