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Those who struggle with accepting others, begin with an inability to accept themselves.

Nova Namastè

When I was a child, I was told I’ll never know who I am.

That lie escaped the heart of a woman, battered and callused from her own pain.

I didn’t understand this vicious cycle, then; but, I see it now.

For this reason, I’m bringing you this lesson.

When we begin with ourselves, we change how we see the rest of the world.

When we face our own insecurities, we’ll face the truth AND the lie. We’ll distinguish their difference. We’ll choose the truth or the lie.

When we decide truth, we decide based on loyalty to our truth. It’s, then, that we see that confidence in others. It’s then, that we seek people who hold that confidence. It’s, then, that we can accept those who may not see it.

It’s then, that we continue down a road of strength and positivity, self growth and grace. It’s a path of discovery, healthy and safe circumstances that teach us, guide us, but still challenge us.

What we see within ourselves is our reality. It’s how we understand the world.

Unfortunately, all too often, the vicious cycle of anger and pain infects our childhood. The adults around us don’t fix themselves. They don’t face their issues. They don’t accept themselves. They probably don’t even know themselves.

In the decades, and centuries before, no one acknowledged Mental Health as “a thing”. How healthy the mind was, wasn’t even conceptualized. Imagine the damage as a result of that lie.

What I’m trying to say is this, right now, I’m going to try and break that cycle for all of us.

I’m telling you, you’re special. You’re lovable. You’re gifted. You’re smart. You’re loved. You’re beautiful. You’re worthy of the greatest things. You’re deserving of greatness. You’re teachable and adaptive. You’re trustworthy and inspiring. You’re capable and able.

You choose:

The truth or the lie.

With Love & Light

Nova Namastè

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Good Morning Loves!

Sit in the silence, just for a minute. Place your arms across your chest, in a self hug position. Quiet the voices in your mind. These next few moments are yours. Turn them off; demand their silence… They don’t have power over you right now.

Sit in the silence, just for the next 60 seconds. Be in the right now. You’re here, alive and breathing. Breathe deeply, focusing on the rising and falling of your lungs. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Inhale the hope of possibility. The joy in a choice to change. Allow the warmth of kindness fill you up! Quench your thirst with a delicious cup of patience and grace. There’s 525600 minutes of opportunities to be better, do better, act differently.

Exhale the crap that blocks your path. The toxicity of neigh sayers don’t own a spot in your mind. Your mistakes no longer hold you back. You no longer carry shame and guilt. You don’t walk with your head down, embarrassed by your choices.

My love message to you today:

You’re in a blessing called life. You’re ok. You’re amazing just as you are. You have made mistakes; but, you forgive yourself for them. You are not less than nor greater than any person of whom you come into contact. Though what’s caused you grief may be different from the next person, grief is something we all know. Even when life feels impossible, you are capable of handling it. You’re strong and resilient. You’re wise and adaptable.

There’s one person who makes sense of many lives in this world: you!
The missing piece. The glue of the family. The soulmate. The dog lover. The cat lady. The voice of reason. The person who makes him/her/them feel at home. The shoulder to lean on. The arms of greatest comfort. The safe place. The consistency someone needs. The only warm meal of the day. The confidant. The leader.

You MATTER! Don’t you dare tell yourself any differently!

Have a fantastic weekend 🫂💗🙏🏼

With so much love:

Nova Namastè

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Right or Happy?

Growing up, I remember my mother discovering a quote that she reiterated on to us.

You can be right ;or, you can be happy.

Strangely, she NEVER seemed to be happy.

I’ve carried this life lesson with me, ever since. Right now, I find it impeccably fitting to mention it.

Happiness can’t be found anywhere or in anything that is seen. It can’t be found in anything that is bought, or even sold. Happiness isn’t a place or a destination.

It’s a journey, a life of healthy and self evolutionary choices… it’s being mindful of oneself, and focusing on the energy we individually exert into our universe. It’s respecting, accepting, and embracing the natural order of events. It’s seeking that which is true, challenging, and worthy of you.

Being right in every argument that arises will never make you happy.

I hope that’s not the road you choose.

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Short Story❤️

You have to BE OF GREATNESS in order to be remembered for greatness!

Nova Namastè
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We remember many people once they’ve passed on. Ironically, it’s the “good people” who go first…so we say!

When I think about who I’ve lost, the faces of individuals who were “inspiring, loving, and kind” stand out. People who were “ always laughing. They made me laugh!” come to front!

It’s not ironic, that as children, we associate everything with feelings. It’s all we understand. It’s the concept that is “age-appropriate” in our elementary years.

As we grow, it’s how we make others feel that impacts their lives. It’s not the money we’ve spent on them. It’s not anything but feeling.

Be of GREATNESS isn’t a daunting task… It’s not difficult…

It’s a legacy in the making ❤️🍀

It’s a path of impacting lives… one smile at a time.

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Louise Evans Tedx Talk

It’s incredible how much insight is in this 20 minute video!! I’m certain you’ll find yourself practicing higher awareness once you’ve listened to her. This world is so much bigger than our perception & reality. It’s a beneficial self investment to expand and grow.

Everything can be taken from man but one thing. The last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances

Viktor Frankl – A Man Search for Meaning

Have a fabulous Tuesday Everyone!

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè