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28 Days Before Christmas: Cards

Have you received an unexpected piece of mail, exactly at the moment you needed it?

It was warming, hopeful, and good. Wasn’t it? It made you smile or maybe cry, because someone invested into you and your wellbeing. Maybe, this mail started a ripple. You may have been the person that was called to pay “it” forward. You may be that person who, then, took the gift and gave it to someone else… Because it’s meant to be shared.


I am blessed to, frequently, expierence this random act of kindness. I’ve had days when I wanted to hide in the bathroom, and cry… But, the seven cards kept me on my feet.


Years ago, written correspondence was the only option between individuals. Someone would have to buy paper or material, buy ink and a pen. The procedure took quite some time. That allowed society time to consider and reflect on what a letter or card, postcard or note really meant.

In today’s world, of instantaneous technology, and constant motion, the habit of sending cards is a “craft”. It’s a concept that’s fallen into the “People still do that?” category.

Yes, indeed they do. These Facebook groups have been the source of light during the pandemic. They’ve been the encouragement for grieving children of elderly parents. These groups have sent love to those celebrating graduations and birthdays. These individuals shared in the joy of child births, and humility of Veterans Day.

So, you see, a card is more than some words, paper, and maybe stickers.

Writing to someone, Taking the time to craft each letter, to buy a stamp, to select an envelope, to travel to the post office – none of this goes unnoticed. A letter, before it is even read, has already said, “I care about you. You’re someone special.” And that is a message that all enjoy.

Wesley Baines

When you hold this in your hands, remember it’s everything you can’t see: love, time, investment, care.

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastรจ