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Anti-racism resources for white people

#fighthatewithknowledge #educatedontdiscriminate #blackouttuesday

Anti-racism resources for white people
— Read on docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1BRlF2_zhNe86SGgHa6-VlBO-QgirITwCTugSfKie5Fs/mobilebasic

One Made it home🙏🏼

She walk a long and narrow road,

Not to disrupt the evolutionary

rhythm of nature,

Not to catch eye from the police.

Head up, shoulders back,

She held herself together.

No weakness graced her face,

Not a tear escaped her eyes.

Forward, with the hand of

The Lord Almighty,

Without a breath to

Lose, She made it home,


In Honor of Mr George Floyd, and all Black Lives lost to police brutality!

Nova Namastè

Photo Credit Here