Blogmas Day 17🎄⛪🎄

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Game Time

I'm following The Haunted Wordsmith's lead with adding a touch of fun to my blog. The ugly in this world can't be overcome with more hatred. Let's chat, share and laugh with, complement and encourage one another 🙂 #1. Brooke is my legal name. Brandy is my biological. MoonChild or Nova is my alias. #2. … Continue reading Game Time

Friday Fictioneers: Slave Duties

Photo Prompt ©️Yvette Prior Thelma, Beatrice, and Georgette huddled in the back corner, awaiting the entrance of the Master’s wife , Angelica. She was the Lady of the House, and she conducted strict business with her "house slaves." "I reckon you're in for an awful slashin!", Beatrice whispered to Georgette. "I pray for her mercy on you. … Continue reading Friday Fictioneers: Slave Duties

Day 12

Prompt:Which cartoon character best represents your personality? A cartoon character that best fits my personality is the baboon, Rafiki, from The Lion King. He is smart, funny, wise, always seeking truth, and respectful of the Earth's balance. He tries to keep others on the right path, and he's always putting others before himself. His wisdom … Continue reading Day 12

Quit Being so Sensitive

If you've heard this more times in your life, than you're own name, You may want to check out this HSP Pinterest Account 💙💚💙 HSP is known as Highly Sensitive People (plural is person). The common quote all of us has repeatedly heard is "Quit Being So Sensitive!".... But, I want to suggest you don't. … Continue reading Quit Being so Sensitive