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Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

You can find the details from the host post here 🙂

Today’s prompt: Write a poem about betrayal using six words

Her honeymoon nightwear was previously worn.

— Nova Namaste

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Six-Word-Story: Right Now

You’re neither YOUR past nor future.

Does that mean you’re no one? NO!
Does that mean you haven’t or won’t exist? NO!

Listen, and I’ll explain.

Your past is a place of “right nows”. It’s a place of what was, unchangeable circumstances that resulted in consequences of your actions.

You are no longer him. You are no longer her. You are energy of right now. You are a version of yourself, changed by your consequences.

Every future date will become right now. The future is just a theory that allows us to operate on this idea called time. Does the future really arrive? No… because it never left. It never stopped. It didn’t leave one place to arrive elsewhere.

Therefore, we are not our futures. We don’t hop on the next train to Vegas, and arrive in our future.

You are energy of right now. You are a version of yourself, changed by your consequences.

All things are right now. All things are energy, intercepting with other energy. The influence of other energy creates change.

Neither your uncharted future, nor your unchangeable past define you.

Right now does.
And you have every millisecond of “ right now “ to be your best you!

Think about it ☺️🤗

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🤫 6_Word_Story: Quiet Please!!

So much noise…

Not enough listening!

I can’t over emphasize the importance of ACTIVE/REFLECTIVE listening!! When it’s necessary, it must be undivided attention!

Then there’s times, when no words are necessary. We all need the people who understand both.

We can only control ourselves. We can become mindful of both!

With Love & Light

Nova Namastè