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Andrew McDowell’s Release Party Next Month!


Proud of you, my friend!!!”


For those who haven’t seen last month’s post, my fantasy novel Mystical Greenwood is having a new edition coming out next month courtesy of Fae Corps…

Release Party Next Month!

Self Development Book Club? Please respond by 02/04/22

I struggle with reading for many reasons. I know I want to be better with it; so, here’s my suggestion.

A Book Club? Not just any normal club.. but one that encourages us to read self development material. I want this book club to provide any of us a group of individuals we can contact should we need moral support, a second option on a decision, a discussion about a certain topic from the reading.. whatever.

If you’re interested,

Please email me @

Once you do ; I’ll reply with our 1st book.

We’ll do like most groups, 1 book a month:) I won’t always choose what we’re reading.

I’m looking forward to this taking life 🙂