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Sunday Success

New day!

First day of your future.

Another opportunity to change

course & chase your dream.

Seize every opportunity to fulfill your legacy:)

Today was made for YOU 💗!

Love & Light ,

Nova Namastè

Law of Attraction Audio

Sometimes, we learn not by reading, but by listening. Additionally, as busy individuals, we can listen to fruitful knowledge via podcasts. This one is amazing!! I love what he says in this particular episode. Hope you enjoy!

Owl Spiritual Podcast

I’m working hard to include everyone in my blog. So, you will notice a few important integrations. Here’s three important ones.

1. Multilingual Reader Posts

2. Podcasts

3. Credited Information about subjects from all across the globe.

Seize every opportunity to fulfill your legacy!

Stay safe, speak life, and spread kindness!

Nova Namastè

Art Therapy Activities For Self-Discovery | Cheat Sheet for Life

” There’s many reasons why someone would create a piece of art. More often than not, it’s to rid their soul of emotions. Why not, right? That doesn’t harm anyone else; and, has proven significant healthy effects on the individual. What I love most about it, is it’s multi medium platform. What suits you is different from the next person. That’s ok.

I love this article because understanding yourself is step one towards growth. Self-Care is essential. You may discover inward healing. Go ahead, give it a try.

– Nova

You don’t have to be an artist to benefit from art therapy activities. Because art therapy activities are specifically designed so that anyone can do
— Read on

Mornings Were Made For This!

[ I don’t take credit for this idea.. I heard a similar “scenario” in a TikTok video.]

What’s this?? Investing into you!! That’s what 😁Think about it, what do you do as soon as you get up in the morning?

Grab a coffee? Maybe make your bed? Shower? Get dressed and arrive at work on time?

None of that is for you, though! It’s mandated tasks to prepare yourself for a whole day’s worth of responsibilities.

It’s no wonder why you get cranky ! (Don’t tell me that’s not true haha!) When you got up, You didn’t even spend 5 to 10 minutes doing something for you. Self-care is really important. Investing into yourself is really important.

Take the initiative to spend 10 minutes or more, doing something that will set your mind in a positive position. Spend 10 minutes on your porch swing. Take time to sing your favorite feel good song. Spot running around and eat breakfast.

Or DO YOGA 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️ 🧘


Free 30 Days Hatha Yoga Happiness Playlist to get you started!!

You deserve the best kind of day!

Seize every opportunity to fulfill your legacy!

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness!

Nova Namastè


Energy Is Of Consciousness

Your world is your version of perception. Your reality is what you create. Whether a belief is Science, Spirituality, or Science, this truth remains true.

Mindfulness brings you to a place of sharp decision making, authentic perception, and clear vision. It carries the potential to restore our bodies, souls, and minds to handle life at our best.

With the immediate moment, the anguish or bitterness, grief or resentment, frustration and disappointment can’t interfere.

Being present means attracting energy that best serves you. It’s investing into yourself, the consideration as to what types of energy you want in your space. It’s redirecting that which you choose not to accept.

This energy in this moment is yours.

That’s the power you have over your life.

Enjoy your week!

Seize Every Opportunity to Fulfill Your Legacy!

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness!

With Love,

Nova Namastè

Self-Care Has to Be Intentional

How much time will you waste on going “through the motions” while stagnant in the “emotions”?

How much effort do you invest into yourself/wealth/ & future?

Why do you pretend so fiercely; yet, your emotional trauma affects your normal body functions?

Do you face your truth?

What “could be” might be uncertain.. but; it’s the “certainty in your current trauma” that’s creating a horrible “ existing “ experience.

I talk a lot about self-care and mental health. It’s important! It’s a topic that needs normalized into our lives, schools, society, and the work place.

In taking care of us. self-care is more than bubble baths and shopping sprees. It’s more than several drinks at the bar with war buddies.

The reality is.. Self-Care is doing the hard stuff to heal from the pain. It’s intentional choices that put you in new and uncomfortable situations. It’s talking the real talk to yourself when you need it most. It’s showing up for yourself when you doubt. It’s writing stuff down. It’s working it out. It’s letting go of the anger.

It’s facing it. Facing yourself and choosing you OVER Denial..Pride… Complacency.

Self Care is doing what’s best for you; even when it’s challenging.

Because you deserve it!

Start today 🫶🏼

Nova Namastè

Morning Affirmations For The Week

Good Morning Followers. Ready for a new week? Maybe? Not yet?

That’s ok! It’s Monday; I understand you need that little extra umph.

Jumpstart with these powerful affirmations:

  • Unapologetically, I choose me.
  • I will accomplish tasks.
  • I can and will do hard things.
  • I will work in diligence and focus.
  • The day will provide enough time for me to accomplish what’s necessary.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Small tangible steps lead to a grand result.

Stay Safe, Speak Life, & Spread Kindness 🌺

Nova Namastè

RagTag Daily Prompt: Achievement

Host Post 🦄

His predecessor’s legacy continues. A dream that started a few years ago, become the path to great Achievement, for many. He did that. Now, The Prince has taken the role of King. He carries on the pride of all that’s been done. He serves in the best regard, to make his father proud.

What a life. What a team.

What a LEGACY!

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness!

Nova aka Brandy

Rest In Peace 🕊️ I’ll miss You

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