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Happy Tuesday

Written for Comedy-Plus’ Happy Tuesday Challenge🙂

This was an experiment conducted at a school, with a professional teacher. PLEASE do NOT try this at home or otherwhere.

On a personal note, though this probably stung a little, the students surely gave consent. I love when teachers create realistic situations for students to learn concepts.

Have a great day!


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Dream a BIG Dream 🧑‍🚒🚒

As a child, we all had that thing that made our eyes open real wide. That thing brought joy in an instant. That thing was our favorite, more than anything else in the whole wide world.

For 3 year old, Trucker Dukes, it was a Firefighter! He loved everything about them! His daddy was even one, himself.

Unforgivingly, cancer planned a rough path for this precious boy. Only 19 months old, Trucker was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.

One day, what appeared to be an unfortunate incident, in the kitchen at the Ronald McDonald House became a blessing. The NYFD met this little man, instantaneously creating a bond that was meant to happen.

What astounds me about this story is it’s perfect timeliness. Three years old isn’t long enough in anyone’s definition for living… Trucker did. He touched lives, and hearts.

His story is incredibly touching!

Watch it here:

Here’s a Hawaii news article announcing the passing of this amazing little guy!


Trucker Dukes, Maui boy who inspired thousands, dies of cancer

This story shows us how little the amount of time it takes to impact a life and create a legacy.

I hope you dream big! I hope you go after any and all of your dreams! Do it while you have the time!

🎶75 Songs about Dreams and Dreaming 🔆

Until next time, Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness!

Nova Namastè

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Snow Day 2021

Do you wanna build a ⛄️ snowman?

I’m thankful I live in an area that sees all 4 seasons. I’m thankful for living in an area that is “snow ready”! I’m thankful for the childlike fun that snow almost instantly creates in a person. I’m thankful for SUVs. I’m thankful for cute cat paw tracks. I’m thankful for fresh air. I’m thankful for the organizations that provide free Winter weather gear.
I’m thankful for warm hot chocolate with marshmallows, after coming inside. I’m thankful for the beauty of ice crystals and snow covered branches.

I hope something that could have doomed your day became your focus in what your thankful. There really is a blessing in everything; we just have to look with an open heart.

With Love & Light,

Nova Namastè

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Camping in the Living Room

Who knew a simple sugary snack could spark such an imagination.

The marshmallows were going to be a lesson in architecture and math. What designs could they make with only two supplies. What are the crucial parts needed to maintain a structure in upright direction? How many mellows were used in a simple shape? How many were used to build a 3D structure?

Quickly, the adventure became one of toasted marshmallows at the campsite. A tent was pitched, animal friends were showing up; and, the room was getting dark.

As quickly as the fun started, it ended. The behavior of an older sibling wasn’t nice.

Such is life of those who have/teach/foster/ babysit kids!

Until next time,

Stay Safe, Speak Life, & Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè