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One Week Till Christmas Eve

Last night, as if right on schedule, our power went out. It was around 10:30, so the entire apartment was black… Except one little light. A light that held more significance than any previous Christmas. Here, you can see the tree lights are off. The star, though, is battery operated.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Be the light in this dark world. ⭐

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

9 Days Before Christmas: I’m not Ok

I haven’t been..

I’ve done nothing today.

Didn’t attend my kids’ Christmas concert.

Didn’t pick up what I needed to at their school.

Slept for hours midday.

Avoided all my messages.


Questioned my ability to keep friends, let alone makes them.

Fought against this idea that I’m too complicated to befriend.

Refuse to reach out to an individual who has brought on so much grief for me.

Guh. We’ll have days like this, right?

I suppose some of this is my empathetic nature.

I’ve always taken on the energy of others.

I’ve always felt so deeply…

And the news lately, has been significantly heavy.

That’s without mentioning how difficult it is to hear of

unaliving oneself since I’ve delt with it in my personal life.

It never gets easier.

The grief never strings any less.

The devastation isn’t ever less.

Yeah, so today wasn’t a good day.

— Nova

10 Days Before Christmas: Dairy Queen & Jesus

First, let me show you how God showed himself to me, today. Only but 10 minutes ago, when I decided to share this personal experience with you, did the the gloomy and ugliness of Winter hang around. Suddenly, we have light.. explosion of warmth, serotonin, and beauty.

Roughly two and a half weeks ago, I screwed up my truck. It was already screwed up; but, you know.. it was one of those do the complete job or none at all stupid moments.
After a depressing trip to a car center, I returned home with a list of parts that MUST be fixed first. One step forward, leads to two steps back.

Feeling completely defeated, I took to BookFace (If you read this, and think of Dear Momma Tot, you’re my tribe!!). I needed to handle this situation; after all, I created the mess. During this time of parts shopping (my very least favorite type of shopping!!), I decided my girls would start riding the bus. Now, momma bear was hesitant about this because I was concerned about bullying.

After the kids got off the bus, I decided we were going to go to the Dairy Queen. I had my car fixed enough; so , I wanted to go. I was craving their choco fudge. It’s amazing. We hadn’t been there in weeks. It was going to be an extra special treat.

As we tucked out ice cream and hot dogs, I turned left to head back home. This had been the furthest I’ve traveled from my apartment for some time.. I was a bit nervous about it. As I came down one particular street, something came over me. “This is the time to teach the girls about the real meaning of Christmas.” God said.

I heard Him loud and clear. It was so unexpected. The whole experience was surreal. The girls listened tentatively. They asked questions; and, I had answers. I didn’t expect the process to be as smooth and effortless, , accepting and understanding. Calandra said, “So where is Jesus now?”
I explained God and Jesus are in heaven. She followed with a list of who she knows that has died.

I explained, “Heaven is full of amazing people!”

The absolute best 💗

I’ll never forget this special ride.

Until next time,

Nova Namastè

12.99 Days Before Christmas: Trains 🚂

Aren’t these huge dirty chunks of heavy metal magical?? Hahaha!!

In seriousness, though, I find them amazing. I suppose my admiration was intertwined into my DNA.

I was born in this small Eastern city called Bellaire. At the time of my arrival, Bellaire was still a predominantly industrial area. We had the natural means of travel via tracks and the Ohio River.


I’m so thankful to have come from a place that provided jobs, a future, and more to so many families. My childhood home sat on a hill. All the years I lived there, the background noise was muffled. Life was too crazy.

When I moved, to a new little area, I heard that old familiar sound. The whistle of a train resonated through my window.

Wherever I live, everywhere I go, and whatever is around, I hope for a grand site. Whether it’s The Polar Express, The Christmas Train, Harry Potter, a real life ride, or museum display, I will admire these amazing vehicles.

Thanks for reading!

Nova Namastè

14 Days Before Christmas: Skating

Kristi Yamaguchi was my favorite ice skater, growing up. Nancy Kerrigan was spot number 2. They danced on ice, gliding and twisting like beautiful snowflakes.

I didn’t ice skate much; but, I did rollerblade. I started with skates, and graduated to the professional wheels. Recently, on TikTok, I watched a few older men enjoy the rink. Oh I was jealous lol. It was then, that I remembered something I’ve recently discovered about myself, that I had forgotten.

I LOVE that feeling of being on that wide open space, free from everything around me. There was an untouchable solitude in swirling through the cool air, while listening to the music.

I’m too old to begin figure skating; but, I am never too old to discover more about me. I may not be on the ice; but, I can watch and admire the beauty of those who are capable.

Enjoy ⛸️

Then we can’t forget this Tonya Harding nonsense.

These crews are so talented.

Thank you for reading!

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

15 Days Before Christmas: Christmas Around The World

Honestly, I’m not nearly as cultured in my knowledge of Christmas as I’d like. I plan on reading up on this in the next year. Here’s some great resources that can teach all of us the amazing diversity of this wonderful holiday.


Keeping My Kiddo Busy

Around The Kampfire

Kids Read Now

Why Christmas (super cool site!)

Table Life Blog


Teachers Pay Teachers Printables


Christmas Around the World: A Christmas Holiday Book for Kids

A World of Cookies for Santa: Follow Santa’s Tasty Trip Around the World: A Christmas Holiday Book for Kids

How Kids Celebrate Christmas Around the World (Kids Around the World)

Twas the Night Before Christmas on the Farm: Celebrate the Holidays with this Sweet Farm Animal Book for Children

My Big Wimmelbook―Christmas Village

Hope you enjoy!

With Love and Light,


16 Days Before Christmas: Snowflakes

Isn’t it interesting how much snow is associated with Christmas for many of us. I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life. It’s a perfect pair.

For those of you, in the warmer areas, does snow come to mind when you think about this holiday?

What I want to point out, though, is this: no two snowflakes are the same. Never was… Never will be. How incredibly miraculous is that.

Here’s more of the magic in snowflakes:

Then, here, We have a different perspective snowflakes.

With Love and Light,


18 Days Before Christmas: Fragrance

There’s a strong correlation between scent and memory. I’ve actually bought fragrances to help me cope with an absence.

During the Christmas season, there’s so much that greets our senses.

Here’s a list that comes to my mind, when I reflect on years past:

  1. Cranberry
  2. Pine
  3. Orange
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Apple
  6. Chocolate
  7. Peanut butter
  8. Brown sugar
  9. Woodsy musk
  10. Eggnog
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on
Photo by Tim Douglas on

It’s interesting how we’re already equipped to handle any situation we meet. I’m thankful for my gift of smell. This time of year hold so many of my favorites.

Thank you for taking this trip, down memory lane, with me.

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

19 Days Before Christmas: Sparkle & Stella Shenanigans

It’s been an adventure. Here is Miss Stella and Miss Glitter

Welcomed Back with little treats for Zivah & Calandra.

December 1st

After that, these two ornery elfettes ended up in our Advent tree because ” The Floor is Lava “! It’s a game most kids are playing, these days.

December 2nd

After a weekend of quiet, these two sprung back up Sunday afternoon to a game of Elf twister. You’ve best believe that was a site! All kinds of hooting, hollaring, and carrying on. The girls returned home to witness the end result of that game.

December 5th

While the house was quiet, the girls were at school, and these Elfettes were at it again. They knew Calandra was going to be a bit more excited to color; but, they had two copies of every sheet.

And then, we have this morning… Well… see for yourself 🤪🤪🙈 They are an unpredictable duo, I must say! They found my bows, and decided to ride the upside down Merry -Go- Round. Oh goodness, I forgot to tell you.. the girls found them sitting on the couch, on the phone with Santa!! Can you believe it?

December 6th

These two are so delightful! My Calandra hasn’t stopped talking about them since they arrived! Zivah has been lovely surprised, too.

I will be sure to fill you in, with updates!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!
Nova Namastè

20 Days Before Christmas: Templates

You don’t have to buy when you can make 😉 Here’s some cute templates to check out :

Three kids coloring cards via Sunny Day Family
These are elf printables from printablee.

Additionally, use everything from poster board printed colored village buildings, to gift tags, decorations, to party games. Pinterest has it all. There’s no need to stress and create anxiety.

With Love and Light,


22 Days Before Christmas: Belief

According to Webster, belief is defined:

1: a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing

belief in God; a belief in democracy.

I bought the table in the belief that it was an antique.

contrary to popular belief

2: something that is accepted, considered to be true, or held as an opinion : something believed

an individual’s religious or political beliefs

especially tenet or body of tenets held by a group 

the beliefs of the Catholic Church 

3: conviction of the truth of some statement or the reality of some being or phenomenon especially when based on examination of evidence

In summary, belief is two things: conviction of truth and result of trust.

When you read the above, you’ll notice the other parts of the definitions:

  • State or Habit of the Mind
  • God
  • Higher Being
  • Democracy
  • Religious Beliefs

Is it ironic that these hot topics fall inline with powerful concepts like truth and trust. I’m going to claim it’s safe to say, when an average person is asked

“Tell me what immediately comes to mind when you hear the term ‘belief’. “

The first several choices are the list above.

Now, if you examine definition #2, specifically, you’ll see opinions and accepted. That’s a personal reference, a matter of individual choice.


Belief is ours. It’s ours now. It’s ours tomorrow. It’s a privilege. It’s what a democracy gifts us. It’s personal. It’s a source of identity..

As you sit with this depth, consider the things you believe. Take a closer look at definition number three.

Why are we quick to believe somethings; and, spend priceless time doubting others?

Why do you believe what you do? Do you even know?

This Christmas season, as the belief in all the magic of Christmas is sprinkled on children, watch how freeing they live.

Nothing holding them down. Nothing keeping them back. Nothing taunting their nights and haunting their days. Nothing of their own choosing anyway…


With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

24 Days Before Christmas: Cell Phone Wallpaper

I enjoy a fun cell phone background. I figured, if I look at it as often as I do, I might as well be inspired… Or laugh.. Or smile. The internet is full of free wallpapers one can download and set as a background. I’ll supply several down below.

Super cute selection here 🎄

These are so freaking cute, too! ❄️

Here’s some cute ones from NOTE8LOVE

These below are from our Free WordPress Library

I’m struggling with this post tonight; so, I’m going to throw in the towel. I hope you look through images online, and find one that brings you joy.

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

Parkland School Angels

The devastating tragedy has ruled life in prison. The lives of 17 victims were shown less mercy than a man who planned and executed deliberate harm.. At least one individual on the jury felt this man’s mental health and poor upbringing was more worthy of mercy, than the victims… I don’t understand. We all have mental health shit.

Remembering these beautiful individuals.

Photo Source

Sending tons of love and prayers to the families and absolutely closest friends/and community.