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In any situation, a gift card is a fantastic way to express your sentiment! It’s easy to obtain. It provides a variety of redemption locations. It gives the recipient a grand reason to practice self-care. It’s flat, SUPER easy to transport.. AND.. there’s SOOO many of which to choose!

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Don’t Forget:

  • JUNE 19th – FATHER’S DAY

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Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Beginning

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Hello Beginning, here I am (again!). Though usually I embrace you as I would my sweet children, today.. I’m a bit salty.

I’ve seen too much of you, lately. I’ve felt frustrated; and, I’ve gotten so little done. I’m clueless as to how this must go.. in order to be successful.

Beginning, I don’t want to go past go without collecting $200 anymore. Monopoly.. my least favorite board game.. Beginning, no offense, but, I don’t want to continue seeing you. I’m ready for a solid foundation.

How do I do that? This whole process has felt forced.. and overwhelming. If this isn’t what I’m meant to do.. please direct me to the correct path. Would that be baby sitting? Would it be nanny work? Would it be teaching something? Please help guide me.

I need an end to this crazy circle of returning to you. Please help!

With much gratitude:

My mind

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Feel-Good Friday

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Short, simple, and sweet message for you💜

Posted on Painted Teacup

More than anything else in your life, your mind is your biggest asset. It’s ever-changing, adapting, transmitting, redirecting, strengthening, and expanding. Additionally, your mind only understands fight or flight. It’s reasoning. That creates conflict between the mind and heart. It causes confusion.

As you go about your Friday, I hope you allow yourself the release of some thoughts. I hope you live in the moments where, the thoughts that don’t serve you, are let go..in the wind.

Have a great Friday!

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

Feel-Good Friday

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Just Dance 💃 🪩 🕺

Alignment is a vibration, a movement of energy that feels at once grounded, centered, and enlightened and propels you gracefully forward toward what feels good and meant for you.

Kris Franken, The Call of Intuition: How to Recognize & Honor Your Intuition, Instinct & Insight

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Thankful Thursday

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Today’s intention is feel grateful.. to be thankful.

Sounds easy enough? Yes?!

Let me stretch you outside your comfort zone.

Be thankful for ALL things.

But, B… my ex treated me like a doormat.. My son was diagnosed with cancer.. My job just filled bankruptcy and laid me off. There’s a gas shortage in my village. The virus killed my relative. This drought is creating a strain in our food supply. I have to walk to work, in the rain. My feet are bruised and damaged from walking.

Everything is temporary. Every experience teaches. Everyone goes through hardship. Every day, someone has life more difficult than you.

Be thankful for all that is funny, bright, warm, fuzzy, innocent, new, light, and kind. These are marvelous gifts in our lives.

Be thankful for the uncomfortable, confusing, challenging, dark, rainy, sharp, annoying, mundane, heavy, frustrating, and ugly stuff, too. These are the moments we learn the most about ourselves.

In general, in wall situations, be thankful.

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè


Motivate Monday

Transformation Tuesday

Wellness Wednesday

The Portrait

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“Paint a picture of me, Zeek! I’ll strike a pose!” Seraphina declared.

Zeek stopped for a moment, then laughed.

“Honey, stop that nonsense before you break your neck.” He struggled to respond.

She knew how to make him laugh; that’s for certain.

Written for the Ragtag Daily Prompt Challenge.

Hope this helped you smile 😁

With Love & Light,


Crash 💥 & Burn🔥

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Another dream .. another fire

The one that drives the heart to


Gone.. done..

Burning before my eyes

Devastating and freeing

The heat is sooo much

Can’t stop it.. every breath

Gives life to the pain, itself.

If only I had heeded

The warning .. if only I listened

To the sirens

My clouded judgement

Suffocating, like dense smoke..

The crash was instant..

But the burn



Question to Ask Yourself

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Questions signify someone wants to know more. It is a way to demonstrate interest and; thus, plant seeds of growth. In America, I’ve always said it’s our personal due diligence to ask questions. It’s our responsibility to know the truth, to research and verify the information we are told.

Similarly, I feel this responsibility should extend into our personal lives. Do we question what we’re told? Do we research and verify before we whole-heartedly believe something? Do we ask questions, lots and lots of questions.. Do we challenge perspectives? Most of the time, this would be in opposition to ourselves; because, we are our own most challenging apponent.

So are you ready to grow within yourself? Do you know where to begin? Are you uncomfortable with the idea of pondering answers, in fear of what you might discover? Can you stand the idea of what will resurface? I know all of that feels terrifying. It’s taking you to a place that strips away all protection.. And leaves you vulnerable.

It’s ok to be uncomfortable, uncertain, and anxious about this journey. This is the hardest part, though. I promise.

You can take your time. You can visit and revisit the questions.. You can write down your thoughts.. {Which I highly recommend… not that you asked for my suggestion 🤣🤣}.

Give yourself time to think about what is really being asked. Think about how you need to answer.. What would your honest answer be? The intentional mindfulness will be exhausting.. But, the revelations and convictions can lead to beautiful healing.

Now, one final thought before I suggest questions to ponder.. And if you know me well, you’ll recognize my infatuation with “WHY!”… That’s what I want to address.. Why should you do this?

I’ll respond with this… Why not?

Here’s a few places to start..

  1. Have I been ashamed or disappointed in myself lately? Did the emotions trigger something else? Or did something trigger these emotions?

This one question can provide such an insight into who you are, without you even realizing it.

  1. {Stemmed from Q1:} What exactly happened that created these triggers, to begin with? What would happen if I faced them.. And just stared at them for a few minutes? What part of this past can I hold myself accountable? What parts can’t I hold myself responsible, because I was a child?

Start there.. Unbeknownst to me, I think I’ll create a sequel to this post.

I am praying, this universe, all the good vibes, and heavenly angels will hold you close and give you patience, peace, and love with/for yourself.

I’m here if you’d need to talk or would like to share with me, I’m here.

Until next time,

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness 💗