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“She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.” -Ariana Dancu

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Here’s the host with details 🙂 Hope you’ll join in this challenge!

Fun fact about me: I can’t STAND my feet wet! I can barely stand a bath or shower. When it comes to set sand, wet floors, public splash pads, nope…. I can’t handle it. Additionally, my legs were one of my favorite parts of my body.. until I had kids.

SO… let’s find some pretty, comfortable, dry legs and feet:

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Babies’ will always be my favorite 😍

Photo by Rosie Ann on

This couple, the man taller than his woman, is so sweet. This moment had to be so special for them.

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This view, the mountains.. now that’s my kind of place!

I didn’t take these photos; however, I did find specific ones to my personality. I hope you enjoyed!

With Love and Light:


10 Rules For Living

These are ones I’ve gathered thus far in my life.

  1. Always keep some kind of structure in your life.
  2. Be kind to someone every day; start with yourself.
  3. Write it down! All of it!!
  4. Get rid of multiples. Do we really need 3 emails? (oh yes I have more than that!)
  5. Train your brain with Positivity! Self Talk, positive affirmations, whatever.
  6. Always pre- soak your laundry for at least 15 minutes.
  7. Ask God for the answer and expect to receive it.
  8. Listen so that others feel seen and heard.
  9. Make stuff… crafts, desserts, houses, jewelry, whatever.
  10. Always stay true to yourself, even when you take a great loss because of it.
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With Love and Light,


Blurb of Everything

HAPPY LUNER NEW YEAR 🇨🇳 Tons of prayers are going out to the families affected by the senseless shooting in California last night!

You never know where you’ll find alittle inspiration! Cheese = yummy!!!!

I was on TikTok today; and, I came across one particular video that sounded familiar. It was.. Because it was as if I had posted it, except from the male perspective. It referenced a man with a big heart… And how such a heart will contain BIG emotions… all of them will be big.

I didn’t hesitate to share the gift of knowledge with him. I mentioned what I understand was this type of person, and encouraged him to Google.

In actuality, I feel we’re all messangers. Nearly everything is for the purpose of your testimony. What you face, how you overcome, changes you make, ways you heal… It’s all for your story to make an impact on another life… And it will… If you share it.

….. And when you’re done writing your story…. And your book is complete, will people gather around and miss you? Will your children read at your funeral? (Well, you’ll be gone BUT… here’s hypothetically speaking!)

Lisa Marie Presley passed away the exact same way as her father. She’s been laid to rest in Graceland, beside her son, and not far from Elvis. This family has a legacy that’s timeless… One of imperfect people who lived and loved in the spotlight of the Press.

OK well, time to play a game with my Calandra. Have a wonderful evening!

Speak Life,


What Made You Smile Today?

I found myself smiling today, but that’s nothing new,

For it happens every time, when I stop to think about you 💗

These additional things brought a smile to my heart, this Saturday:

  1. Big discount savings @ Walgreens!
  2. Fresh McDonalds fries
  3. Large Sweet Tea
  4. Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life
  5. Supporting a small business owner (who happens to be my friend).
  6. My hopeful intentions
  7. Progress
  8. Chocolate
  9. Message from my Dad
  10. Email from a special person
  11. It’s nearly the end of January, and our winter snow accumulation has been less than a foot total.
  12. Me allowing myself to construct a new routine here at home, So that more things get done, although it didn’t get much accomplished around my house.

My Mental Health Journey #32

Six Sentence Story

  1. Last night, I couldn’t remember if I took my anxiety medication.
  2. This morning, my 6 year old acted like a packed old G from Compton.
  3. Midday, an AA meeting triggered a major loss grief in my life, setting my anxiety on fire.
  4. Around 2:40, a miscommunication happened… Which resulted in me confirming I DID NOT take my medication last night.
  5. I was sitting in my car, at my kids’ school, and had a 35 minute meltdown.
  6. I’m now eating my feelings through AMAZING dove dark chocolate and peanut butter chocolates.

I’m so thankful for endings!

Parents, there’s no manual… We do the best we can; and, we all need to give one another grace.

Speak Life,
Nova Namastè

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I’ve made two big orders and haven’t had any issues! My Zivah received lots of Minecraft and board games from there, as birthday gifts!

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Sunday Whirl

Check out the details to this challenging post, here 😀

Here’s a list of this week’s words.

It was their Senior Year; and, they were itching for some fun. Through every other school year, they were the perfect manifestations of male and female students. They studied hard, got straight A’s, never caused friction with other Students. Hell, they nearly had perfect attendance too.
The shuffling, powdery substance, and eerie silence 🤫 was too much. There were dangerous broken pieces of metal, wire, and glass sprinkled around the entire lower floor. Chase and Laurel were nearly joined at the hip. A rustic and dried blood stained chainsaw blade hung in the wall that ran the left side of the living room. It was hard to miss. They nearly slit their hands, running from a spook that came shortly after entering the building.

This rundown 2687 sq/ft abandoned house belonged to Graphdun’s notoriously evil sociopath. For five decades, stories about Mr Sparling haunted the village. Many said the man was so apathetic, he’d pull an arm out of his victim’s socket, just to hang her (they were all females). Meanwhile, he’d stand there and get off, watching her scream in horror and agony.

The two slightly shuffled across the room, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand. Again, then came a creek and rattle from across the room. It was as if whomever.. or should they say, whatever it was, mimicked them.

”Do you hear how close that seems?” Laurel barely managed to asked before everything went black, and she was gagging. She was wrapped in a retched and sticky blanket of some kind.

[I have been watching too much of the Idaho murder news coverage!]