Entry May 1st


Two thoughts:

*No one should EVER go through such trauma that he/she/they end(s) up in therapy, because a person/people wouldn’t go him/her/themselves!

* The way in which people in my life interpret what I say, especially regarding sensitive matters, is their choice. I don’t deliberately set out to inflict pain.

Worthy of Love and Light,


Music Therapy:

A.R. –

I always felt recovery was a good thing. I feel every addict is lucky to have the chance to utilize the resource. Apart of this process, you had to go through the 12 Steps program.

At the time you and I spoke, personally, you weren’t in any mental health to cut me out of your life. I had my own thoughts about the program; but, never did I wish you to remain addicted.

I was cut out with no regard to any second of our friendship. I valued and loved you. I supported you. I’m not saying I did no wrong and feel entitled to your life. I just can’t understand what was it that resulted in how quickly you forgot me..


You’re a trigger. You’ve been a trigger for a long time. It’s me and my life messed up because you wouldn’t just deal with your crap.. and go to therapy.

I’m astonished by your nonchalant attitude about what you did. I’m angry I let it happen twice.

You are not my friend. I don’t want you in my safe space.